Living in the moment

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Hi, beauties! How often do we tend to care about our future instead of even thinking of our present?! We plan our future and organize it in a way as if today doesn’t exist. The presence is something we take for granted every single day. Still, in the end, those who skip it, regret it the most. Why is it so important to be aware of the present day and learn to cherish it as if it was the last one? I’ll tell you about it speaking from my own experience.

Today is a unique moment that will never reoccur

The more you have to do, the more you tend to neglect here and now. That happens because we mostly pay attention to all the things we have to accomplish. Living this way we simply forget to look around and slow down until our body suffers so much that we get ill.

Another way of neglecting the present is being completely unsatisfied with our lives. This was my case.

I spent so many years trying to prepare for my “ideal” happy future. That’s because I was very unhappy in my presence and wanted to skip it. I couldn’t enjoy a single moment. My personal lowest blow was an event I’d been waiting for so long. When it came I felt disappointed because I had imagined it to be different and ideal. I didn’t it want to enjoy it and felt really bad. The next day, when I looked at it in a retrospective, I understood that I was the only one person to be faulted. I ruined everything for myself instead of having fun. Every time I wanted everything to be so perfect that I put myself under such a pressure that I got disappointed оver and over again.

That event was my wake up call to change my perspective. This is how I started to work on the way I see and perceive things. It turned out that I didn’t need to wait for a happy future because it was just under my nose. Since then I try really hard to see the happiness in little things every day. It reminds me that each day is a gift and there are many things to feel happy about. Sometimes it’s quite difficult but I try my hardest. The reason is that I just want to live a happy life now instead of hoping for it in the future and letting my life go by.

Setting goals for the future but not letting loose of today

The moment we get adults everything spins around our future. Of course, we have to decide whether and what we want to study. After that, there are other important decisions like job, a huge credit for a house in a good district and so on. Whether it’s good or not everyone decides for him/herself. To me, it’s the beginning of a never ending circle which drifts us away from today. Even vacation is booked six months beforehand. This is how we learn and practice living in the future regularly. But maybe we should do at least something spontaneously and make it a habit?! Setting goals for the future is great and necessary but not loosing the feeling of here and now is even more crucial for a happy and fulfilled life.
This is how we all get settled into a rat race of hopes and plans for the future. Waiting for them we neglect our lives and try to get away with stupid shows on TV and doing nothing instead of using each day to widen our horizons, get new knowledge or simply spend more time with our loved ones. All those things seem so obvious and not worth to take care of that we often start seeing them only when it’s too late. According to numerous polls the majority of older people regret two things in their lives. These are: not having travelled more often and not having spent more time with their families.

For sure, there is no happy and successful life without setting goals and having plans for the future, but there is also no life without a present moment. This thought should pop in our heads the moment we start taking a present day for granted. Little things we experience each day make it great and unique. This is what makes the life rememberable. In fact, we never know, maybe such little things will end up in one of the happiest days in our life. So, slow down every now and then and call your family or friends, enjoy a warm and sunny day or simply a cup of fresh coffee.

I‘m wearing: dress by Asos / boots by Zara / sunglasses by Stradivarius / bag by Missguided / silk scarf by H&M



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  1. 28. September 2019 / 21:45

    Such a great message! I live my life in the moment all the time. The past belongs in the past and the future never comes. All we have is the moment we are in right now! Of course, we must make plans and fulfill responsibilities, but being presently aware and enjoying all the moments as they occur is what makes for a beautiful fulfilling existence. And your outfit is to die for! Absolutely gorgeous!


    • Daria
      12. November 2019 / 16:21

      Thank you, dear Valeria!

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