MAC mineralize blush / MAC Matte lipstick – review

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MAC Haul

MAC Rouge-Lippenstift1

The following products by MAC have been purchased under youtube influence. I bought a blush by MAC after watching a review of Kathleenlights, one of my favorite beauty vloggers on youtube. I was looking for a nice blush in a delicate rose nuance for a light complexion. That is how I found a mineralize blush in the shade “new romance”. My second item had to be a matte lipstick in the shade “velvet teddy”, which is so famous on youtube among the beauty community at the moment.

After testing these two products for a few days I’m ready to do my review on them. Maybe it won’t be as euphoric as many reviews on MAC products are but….

MAC Rouge1

Beginning with the mineralize blush I must say that this product is just awesome. The shade is very decent with a slight shimmer. It’s perfect for a light complexion and any kind of daily make-up. As a mineral product this blush can be applied without any problems on a sensitive skin. It also looks very natural. I looked for this type of product and found it.

MAC velvet teddy1

I am not 100% satisfied with the second product I’ve purchased, the matte lipstick in the shade “velvet teddy”. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that bad, but for me this lipstick is nothing special. This MAC lipstick is a normal, ordinary lipstick in a nude shade. To be honest I expected it would be much better. As for me, there are many lipsticks that look much better on the lips. This one is definitely not my favorite.

MAC HAUL swatches


Tastes are different. That is why I won´t speak for everyone, it´s just my opinion. For me is the mineralize blush in the shade “new romance” my personal discovery of the year. I will definitely use it often in different types of make-up. As for the famous matte lipstick in the shade “velvet teddy”, it is not my favorite one. There are many shades that are much prettier than this one. The quality of the product is also nothing special. I think that the price of 20 EUR is too high for such a product.

velvet teddy

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