Magic star concealer by Jeffree Star – full review

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If you’re into decorative cosmetics and for some reason, you still don’t know who Jeffree Star is, something definitely went wrong 😊. Incredibly worldwide popular YouTuber Jeffree has been producing his own line of cosmetics for several years. It’s called Jeffree Star Cosmetics and it is sold out in several hours after the release. Every piece of makeup – is a hunt, so you got to act fast, or you’ll simply miss it. This is exactly what happened to me when I was buying this concealer. I was buried in thoughts for far too long. Took an evening to think it out, exactly. The next morning – all concealers of every shade were sold out. That’s exactly why I couldn’t test this concealer because I simply couldn’t put my hands on it. Anyway, a month and a half ago, I randomly stumbled upon it in one of Amsterdam’s beauty shops and just couldn’t waste this chance. If you’re like me, most concealers don’t suit you and to find the one that’s worthy is a challenge – you will be interested in this review.

Packaging: the most unusual concealer

As almost all of Jeffree Star Cosmetics creations, the concealer looks rather unusual. It imitates a magic wand, with a pink crystal and a little gold star on its end. It’s worth mentioning, that despite its visual solidity, the star can break easily if you were to drop the concealer. All in all, I liked the visual design, even though it looks a bit like “makeup for little princesses”.

A bunch of shades: perfect shade for every skin tone or every difficult choice

The concealer’s shade pallet counts a total number of 31 shades. Theoretically, such variety gives you an opportunity to choose a perfect shade to match your skin tone. On the other hand, it can make your choice even more difficult. Choosing the right tone for myself on the website, on the day of the launch, I thought about three different concealers and didn’t order any of it in the end. I think you’ll agree, that not every girl can afford to order three or four different colors just to find the perfect one. Especially when it costs 24 euros. Choosing a shade in the shop, I still spent no less than 15 minutes to find the one, the perfect shade. So, I bought the number C7, which I didn’t pay any attention to on the internet. Of course, when choosing a shade in an online shop, you’ll find a little hint from the manufacturer in the description, like: “this shade suits most light skins with a warm undertone”, but still, you can’t 100 percent rely on that.

What Jeffree Star concealers can do

Despite a good degree of concealer’s coverage, you can’t exactly call it full. It perfectly conceals dark circles under the eyes, but if you really want to hide something – you’ll need several layers. Happily, this concealer layers perfectly and doesn’t set in the fine lines when you apply further layers. But still, you won’t be able to hide any inflammations or tiny skin imperfections, the concealer’s consistency won’t be enough for that. That’s not a problem for me though, because I bought it especially for my under-eye area. Overall, its powdery finish looks really natural.  It is also very easy to blend out, no matter if you use a brush or a sponge. In spite of all the positive sides, you have to set it with a powder, or in time it will slowly but surely set in the fine lines. If you’ll set it with a small amount of powder – your under-eye area will look perfect until the very evening.

Conclusion: YAY or NAY

If you don’t have a problem with a choice of concealer and most of them look good on you and don’t set in the fine lines, you’ll without a doubt like this product. If you’re like me, looking for a new ‘tool’ that will behave and be good for a longer time, without setting in the fine lines – you will like it too, if you’ll make a rule to set it. It does a perfect job in hiding the dark shadows under the eyes and looks natural thanks to its powdery finish. You can layer it if you want to, without getting your makeup in danger. So, what else do you need from a concealer?! And well, for those, who have nothing to hide, this concealer can appear too heavy. In this case, a famous illuminating concealer La Touche Eclat from YSL will suit you way better.

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