Manlike coat

 Mantel Z11

This spring I like my man like coat even more than my oversized one. A man-like coat is actually an imitation of a classic men’s coat. I purchased one in gray. I already have three coats in gray, I think it’s enough. I combined it with my man-like leather boots, a neutral black sweater with a V-form cut and a white shirt. I also chose a black purse with almost no details on it. In order not to be all in the classic I decided for black jeans instead of pants. This look is very suitable for the busy life in a town. I would also choose this outfit for an important meeting somewhere outside of the office.

I´m wearing:

Coat by Zara

Sweater by Calliope

Jeans by Calvin Klein

Shirt by Camaieu

Boots by the 5th. Avenue

Purse by New Russian bag

Bracelet by DBK Stylez

Watch by Fossil



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