Max Factor – Lipfinity lip colour 24hrs


I wanted to have a good long lasting lipstick for a long time. Unfortunately all the lipsticks that I tried were a real catastrophe for me and my lips. Additionally I didn´t want to pay too much as for me it is definitely not a product for everyday make-up. In a drugstore I came across with a lipstick “lipfinity lip colour” by Max Factor and purchased three different colors (040 vivacious, 120 hot, and 338 so irresistible). I have to admit that I was sure these guys would be a disaster as well.


The package contains two items. The first one is a color lipie and the second one is a kind of lip balm without any color. Being home I applied the colored lipstick on my lips and waited for a minute in order to let the color dry on the lips. Then I applied a second item which should give a moisture and a delicate shine. To be honest it was a real wonder as this lip balm took the feeling of tightness away. This lipstick doesn’t stain. I mean, there isn’t even a mark of it. I was so surprised that I had to kiss my hand for the whole day long investigating whether there should come a hint of the color on my hand. That day I ate at least twice and drank ca. 1.5 l. water but my lips looked like freshly made. I just had to apply the lip balm once again because I felt a light tightness again. I wore this lipstick for 6 hours at all and it felt and looked beautifully.




I am very surprised about these lipsticks. They are such a great product. There are 21 colors in the line, so I think everyone can find the right color. The consistency of these lipsticks is liquid and even with no clots. All this makes this product apply very smoothly and easy. Using the inherent lip balm one can wear this lipstick for the whole day long. Even after several hours of wearing it looks like a freshly applied lip make-up.

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