Météorites “baby glow” by Guerlain – review

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Baby Glow main

In today´s review I wanna talk about foundations once again. I personally find it extremely important to find a foundation which will give you a feeling of having the perfect skin by nature. I have many foundations because as a blogger I test plenty of them and as a beauty junkie I´m constantly searching for something new. But even if you are not a blogger or you just don’t need so many products, you should have at least two foundations. One for every day (with a lighter texture) and one for some special occasions (with more coverage). On my blog I already wrote about my favorite foundation for every day. This is “Maestro Fusion” by Armani. I didn’t even think that I could find something better or as good as this bad guy. But I was wrong and I wanna share with you my experience with the foundation which became my second favorite.

Recently, I received an invitation for a quick make-up in one the make-up and perfumery store in Düsseldorf. This event was a promotion for the remade terracotta bronzer by guerlain. In my quick make-up they used a concealer, a “baby glow” foundation and the terracotta bronzer all by guerlain. As my make-up was finished I could feel and see how beautiful my complexion had become. I was really happy about the results. That day I received so many compliments about how flawless, fresh and healthy I had been looking. By the end of that day I knew that I would purchase this foundation.

The “baby glow” foundation by guerlain is a high-end product and costs about 50 EUR for 30 ml. One can choose among three different shades. Well, it could be rather complicated to find a match, but in my case the shade “light” matched perfect to my skin. For the first time in my life the shade of the foundation was so similar to my skin that I barely could see the difference to it during the application. The “baby glow” has a light to medium coverage and is just perfect for everyday make-up. It contains light-reflecting particles which make your skin look smoother, healthier, fresher and even younger. I love the way my skin looks while wearing this foundation. It feels as if I have been on vacation. At the same time the foundation looks very natural on the skin. I also love its package as it has a pump which makes its use more hygienic. Additionally, the “baby glow” foundation has an SPF 25 which is a huge advantage of the product.


 The “baby glow” foundation by guerlain definitely won´t suit for a photo shooting (because of the SPF). Girls with big problems on the skin won´t like it either. But this foundation is one of the best foundations for every day in case you need something light and natural-looking. Every time I apply it on my skin I am overwhelmed how beautiful and flawless my skin becomes. The name of the foundation explains it 100 % right, one gets a baby skin: healthy, smooth, fresh, with an inner glow. This foundation is super for the spring and summer as it has a light texture and rather high SPF. I love it so much and would definitely recommend it!

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