The Météorites Compact by Guerlain – review

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In summer, we all want to have a complexion which looks like we had been kissed by the sun and have a glow from within. That is why such beauty products as bronzers and highlighters belong to our must-haves during the season. Nowadays there are other products as light-reflecting primers, foundations, which can help you to get a glow from within even if it´s not there. It all can create a nice, healthy, glowy, and flawless complexion we all are dreaming of. Some brands even have extra lines with products that create such a glowy finish, e.g. the French brand Guerlain. Its “Les Météorites“ line is gorgeous and includes all possible products from a light-reflecting primer to a foundation. I personally like the “Baby Glow” (here) fluid-foundation by Guerlain, especially in summer time as it looks very natural and glowy. In order to fix the foundation and not to mattify all the glow, I needed a face powder which has a similar glowy finish. This is how I decided to try “Les Météorites Compact“.

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Les Météorites Compact

The compact face powder „Les Météorites“ by Guerlain is a nice product based on the classic version „Les Météorites“ pearls. The combination of matte correcting colors refreshes the complexion and makes little imperfections less visible. Dazzling parts in the multicolor palette blend all the shades for perfectly tailored luminosity. The concept of the powder is the same as the classic pearls, still, this product is more convenient to use as you can take it with you in your bag. The classic version looks very pretty in the jar but can be used and admired only at home.

The face powder has a beautiful and minimalistic package. A silver case looks very elegant and sophisticated. This powder looks like a luxury product as we picture them.


The product is perfect to fix every kind of makeup or to accentuate some parts of your face. In order to get a natural-looking glowy finish, I prefer to apply it with a big fluffy powder brush. This product works perfectly with my “Baby Glow” foundation as it prolongs my makeup and makes my skin look luminous.


Who will like the powder?

All who love the classic “Les Météorites” pearls will enjoy this pressed powder. All of you who like a glowy finish of the foundation and don´t like to mattify it will also love it. It would suit dry, normal and combination skin types. Though, if your combination skin produces much oil, it´s not your product. I use the powder regularly because I love how luminous and even my complexion becomes.  The „Les Météorites“ by Guerlain is a great product for every kind of makeup. Though, as my own experience shows, this face powder doesn´t look good in front of a camera as a strong lighting makes your face look oily. In all other life situations, the powder is just great!


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What makeup products do you like for the summer?

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