Micellar water: Garnier or Bioderma – which is better?

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What do you use to cleanse your face from make-up? I am almost sure that the answer will be, micellar water. I have been using micellar water for some years and I love how easy I can cleanse my skin. Micellar water is a multifunctional product as one can remove make-up from the whole face and eye area at the same moment. I always used micellar water by Bioderma for sensitive skin and was a huge fan of this product. As there are so many new micellar water products by almost every label nowadays, I decided to test my favorite product with a one from the drugstore. That wasn’t that easy as Garnier alone has three different micellar water products. After having been considering for a bit I picked the new waterproof all-in-1 skin active version.

The Bioderma micellar water is a nice and well-known product. It is perfect for cleansing all face areas including eyes. I would say that this product is the best product for sensitive skin. If you have sensitive eyes this micellar water will remove your make-up gently but very effectively without any irritation. This micellar water has almost no scent which is perfect for me. It also helps against small pimples. Your skin will definitely say “thanks” to such gentle and helpful make-up remover.

As for all-in-1 skin active micellar water by Garnier, this is a product which can be ok in case you haven’t tried the micellar water by Bioderma. Actually, it removes make-up quite good but it just not the best one. At first, I liked its scent but after two days using it I noticed that it started to irritate me. It´s just too strong. I also do not like to use in on my eye area. If this product gets in your eyes it will be very uncomfortable. Additionally, this product causes little pimples on my forehead.


My personal favorite micellar water is the one by Bioderma. There are so many products out there but this one is the best. It removes all my make-up very easy, fast and effective. It also protects my skin against pimples. Using the all-in-1 active skin micellar water by Garnier regularly I get tiny pimples on my forehead. I do not like the way it removes my eyes makeup and it smells too strong. As one of my favorite vloggers said in her video: “I will use the product by Garnier to remove my swatches.” I agree with it. If you have a sensitive skin, this product could be way too hard for you.

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