Micro needling / Dermaroller – review, experience

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Micro-needling became very popular all around the world. The procedure is very easy and everyone can do it at home. But why is micro-needling so good for skin? First of all, the teeny-tiny needles stimulate our skin, which helps to improve the complexion because of the blood circulation. Secondly, this kind of massage minimizes the pores on the facial area. However one should massage the face every evening in order to get good results. Thirdly, our skin care works better on the skin.



I purchased my micro-needling device (or derma-roller) long ago on Amazon (there weren´t so many devices on the market at that time). Today when I know more about the micro-needling I would have purchased a different one. The thing is that there are different devices with different needle length. Of course I was sure that longer needles would bring better results and purchased a device with 3.mm needles’ length. I tried it and got scratches all over my legs (as I decided to massage my legs first). Afterwards I learnt that such a needles’ length is used by physicians.


After my incident I was afraid to use it again and tried it for the second time only in two months. That time I massaged my face without too much pressure. My results were even better than I expected. The important thing is, one should really watch out in order not to get a scratch. I think that in case of derma roller with shorter needles one can avoid this problem.

I use my derma roller every evening for 20 days after cleaning my face and make a pause after that for a week days. This is my way to use it but many use it every evening without any pause. It´s up to you how you wanna use it.


Well, it´s really worth it to purchase a derma roller. Fortunately, one can find an inexpensive one. A derma roller is easy and fast to use. The feeling of such a massage is not that nice because of the prick but it’s ok. I would recommend the micro-needling massage in the evening as the skin could become a little bit irritated after that. After the procedure you should apply your night cream which will absorb within a few minutes. And of course you should pay attention to the needles’ length. The best needles are 0.20 up to 0.30 mm. The last and most important thing is one should use it regularly for better results.

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