Mirina Collections Scam

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This review is going to be the most disappointing from all I have ever made. I wanna share my experience of the collaboration with #Mirina collections. This label is quite popular on Instagram and it´s supposed to make beautiful jewelries. The internet site of the brand is also really nice; all pictures of the products are so good that you want to have all the necklaces that are presented there. Not so long ago a person who assured me she was a distribution manger wanted to collaborate with me and my fashion and beauty blog. All I needed to do was to choose a necklace of my liking for free and just pay the shipping costs. Mirina collections is supposed to be a newcomer and is really interested in collaboration with bloggers, that is why I would get it for free. All pieces of jewelry are told to be handcrafted and unique that is why I should wait 3-4 weeks. The main point is that it´s all supposed to be made in the USA. So I ordered two necklaces.

After more than two months I received a package from China. At the first moment I was puzzled as I hadn’t ordered anything from China. But it was my Mirina collections package with my necklaces which actually should had been made in the USA. By the way, they booked 100 EUR. for the shipping.

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First of all, the necklace was packed in a bubble wrap. For 100 EUR they couldn’t even take a damn box for the transportation. Secondly, the necklace was a real scam. The actual value of the package which I´d received was 5$.

2016-07-25 17.56.27

As you can see on the pictures, the material is so cheap that it breaks off in your hands. One side of the necklace was broken and 7 stones were out. One element with chains is uneven. There are 5 chain links on one side and 7 on the other. How can that be on the high-end and handmade product?

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I almost forgot to mention, that there is no chance to return these products because:

“AMBASSADOR PURCHASES / USING A DISCOUNT CODE:  There is NO refunds, exchanges or store credits available for purchases made with a discount code. Our return policy will only take place when an item is purchased from our website at a regular rate (no sale items or coupon codes may be used). All sales are FINAL when using a discount code – even if there is a delay in shipping time. By using a coupon code at checkout you agree to these terms.”

Mirina collection provides their “ambassadors” with a promo-code, which gives all the readers and followers of the “ambassador” a chance to order something from their web-site with a 20% discount. How can I recommend or simply let other people order such a crap? I never would do it because I respect the people who trust me, who read me and who are interested in the things I do.

Mirina collections is a fake company which is not based in New York. Actually, I don´t give names, but in this situation I will. So, if you are contacted by Mirina collection, or Mirina Girls Wanted or the real Mirina, just ignore their PM and e-mails. I personally had been contacted by a person called Safyah Hosanee.

2016-07-27 13.40.41

There are many girls who have been betrayed by this “label”. All these unique statement necklaces can be found on such web-site as aliexpress. I found one of my necklaces for 7 $ at aliexpress. The price in Mirina´s online shop is 149 $.


Their facebook page has just positive comments. Why? Because they delete all the other and truthful ones. I wrote two times on their FB and both times they just deleted my messages. But then they just blocked me.

I cannot describe how upset, disappointed and angry I am about this whole situation. Mirina collections is a fake company with fake and crappy products. They cheat on us and they want us to cheat on our followers and readers. They also steal all these beautiful pictures to their products from other labels. The whole situation just makes it harder for the real newcomers and it´s so sad.

So guys, be aware of such companies. Even if they want from you just to pay shipping costs, just ignore them.    

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  1. Stephanie
    24. April 2017 / 19:11

    Great to know. I was scammed by the same company only under a different name… Boho Queen Jewelry. I pray people research this fake company before they buy into the collaboration program. I was lucky enough to dispute the transaction wth my cc company and win. The jewelry is straight up junk and the company is a phony.

    • Daria
      30. April 2017 / 17:31

      I´m sorry to hear it! As I see, many new bloggers without much experience in this sphere are getting scammed by such fake companies. It´s important to know about and be aware of such “collaborations”!

  2. 13. July 2017 / 22:40

    Thank you ever so much for your review.. I’ll just keep it simple.. I received a similar email.. but for some reason I happen to be that “read between the lines person” (if that makes any sense) I knew something just wasn’t right once I received that confirmation email..

    They write loads of stuff and perks to distract you.. Thank you for the review and helping other people stay away from these shameless scmamners (Our today world has turned so wickedly greedy).

    Eventually they will be caught on their acts one way or the other…

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