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Probably, many of you may have heard about how innovative technologies and how effective some of the ingredients of Asian skincare products are. Especially Korean women belong to the category of women with the most beautiful and well-tended skin. Statistically, every European woman uses one or two skin care products. Korean women use seven of them. Do you see the difference? One can definitely see that they take care of their skin correctly just because they have such a nice, even and smooth skin. As a blogger and a curious person who wants to keep the beauty and youth of her skin as long as possible, I was very interested in Korean brands. My first experience with such products was the “cell renew sleeping mask” by MISSHA. I love the mask and use it regularly. That is why I wanted to try other products in the line “super aqua” and found many interesting products to choose from. I also ordered two sheet masks and eye patches to try something new. I tested all products I had purchased and want to share with you my experience with them.

Cell renew snail cream (special Set)

This set consists of two skin care products, the “cell renew snail cream” and a miniature of my favorite sleeping mask. One month ago, I tested a sample of this cream and was astonished of how smooth, nice, and even my skin became just after one application. I couldn’t even stop touching my face, as my skin felt like a baby´s one. It was clear to me, I had to order this wonder cream. It consists to 70% of snail extract, perfectly hydrates the skin and gives it a healthier and smoother look. The texture of the product is so light that it is absorbed within seconds. The snail extract is also known to reduce fine lines and even make deep wrinkles less visible. It is also used to reduce enlarged pores. As you can see, the snail extract is a great multitasker which is also hypoallergic, that is why it can be used for almost every skin type. I love this cream and the way my skin looks and feels like. I´m so glad to have found this skin care line.


Cell renew snail cleansing foam

This is a refreshing cleansing foam which not only cleanses off all your makeup but also cares for your skin with snail extract. I have already tried so many cleansers, both for all skin types and for normal skin. Unfortunately, many of them dried out my skin and made it feel extremely tight. As I loved the “cell renew snail sleeping mask” and the face cream from the same line so much, I decided to give this cleansing foam a chance. I have to say that this product is one of the best I´ve ever used. It cleanses even very intense makeup perfectly and my skin feels so nice and smooth after that. I will definitely repurchase this product and can highly recommend it to you in case your skin also feels dry and tight after cleansing your makeup.


Pure source cell sheet mask Red Ginseng

Generally, I love sheet masks and try new ones every time I see something I´m interested in. So, I decided to try two of MISSHA´s masks. Well, it turned out to be not so easy as there are so many to choose from. In the end, I picked the “red ginseng” mask which was supposed to revitalize the skin and leave it looking healthy. The mask is very easy and comfortable to use as every sheet mask and it really makes my skin look much better. I like to use it in the morning as it gives me such a nice and fresh skin.

Pure source cell sheet mask Pearl

The second sheet mask I purchased was the “pearl”. It´s just as good as the first one. It makes my skin look much smoother and brighter. I love how glowy my skin becomes after having used this mask. I will definitely return to the sheet masks by MISSHA.


Eye patches Clearing Gel eye patch

Not so long ago I tried some eye patches by MISSHA and wasn´t really impressed. They just didn´t do anything to my skin. Still, I wanted to try some other eye patches and chose the “clearing gel eye patches”. As I didn´t know how they would work, I purchased them only once. Now I regret it, as they are so good. They create such a nice and awaken eye area in ten minutes. I really love how good and fast they work.


I am very satisfied with my purchase by MISSHA. All products I ordered do a great job for my skin and make it look smoother, better, and healthier. The skin care line “super aqua” is my personal discovery which does miracles to my skin. I have heard so many positive things about MISSHA and I absolutely agree with them. It doesn’t matter, what skin type or what skin problem you have, you will find the right products by MISSHA for sure.


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Did you try any skincare products by MISSHA?

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