Monaco: a luxurious fairytale


Who didn´t hear some fancy rumors about Monaco? The small principality is well-known for its wealth and prosperity.  Though, the things you probably heard about it are mostly way too low and reserved. I happened to stay in Monaco a month and a half ago and I must say that my boldest fantasies about Monaco were too shy comparing with what I saw and experienced there. This principality will top absolutely everything you knew about the life of the rich.

A luxurious fairytale

Arriving at the airport in Nice you´ll see how different it is comparing to any other airport in the world. There are private jets all other the place. Actually, South France is supposed to be a luxurious resort too, but my personal impression is that South France baths in the sun rays of Monaco in a certain way. In fact, Nice isn’t that luxurious as they say. Almost all persons who come with their private jets go further to Monaco and don´t stay in France. The fact of why they do it is because Monaco doesn´t have an airport. After you land in Nice, you make your way to Monaco by car. The route is so beautiful and you´ll get some incredible places to see, both mountains and breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea. In case you are not in a hurry, you should take a short break and take some pictures, you won´t regret it.

Getting to Monte-Carlo, I felt as if I had been to Spain or Italy because of the Mediterranean flair. Though, there is one thing which is totally different from Spain and Italy, a luxurious life you will see everywhere. As I said, this probably won´t even match your dreams of luxury because it will top everything. There are practically only Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and Rolls Royces on the streets. You won´t see any average car there, well, only if there are tourists who went there by car like us 😊. Though, one thing is quite annoying nonetheless. There is a traffic jam on every street so that you have to wait for a long time to get to your destination. That makes having such a muscle car quite unnecessary because you can´t even drive it properly. Still, it´s nice to have such.

If you want to live in a fairytale, be prepared to pay for it

The prices in Monaco are the real nightmare for every average earner. For a cup of espresso, you´ll get to pay 10 euros comparing to German price for a cup of espresso, which is about 2 to 2.50 euros. My breakfast in the hotel cost 42 euros and I didn´t have anything special, just some bread rolls, jams, honey, freshly pressed orange juice, and a pot of coffee. Ok, this was quite a lot so that two persons could eat their full. Those who want to have a vacation in Monaco should be prepared to pay a lot for everything and everywhere. Well, nobody told that fairy tales are for free.

A nice time which you will get complimentary

Monaco has so much to give. You can get some things even for free. Monte-Carlo is so beautiful, and you can take a walk almost everywhere. Enjoying the city or going to the sea, it´s up to you. Everywhere you will see pretty streets full of different cactuses and colorful flowers. Walking near the prince´s palace is also for free and won´t leave you unimpressed. This there we took a couple of pictures for this outfit too. From above, you can watch all the fancy yachts which are incredibly huge and expensive. Well, I was pretty much impressed with all I could see there and yeah, I will definitely come back.

I´m wearing: top by Bershka / pants by Mango / sandals by H&M / bag by Mango 




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