Moving away isn’t that easy, especially when you move abroad

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Hi, beauties! Some of you may have known that I moved to Germany about ten years ago. It was so long ago but it still feels as if it had been yesterday, ok, maybe, the day before yesterday 😊. Frankly, I never wanted to move so far away from my home. My family is very important for me that´s why I never intended to leave the people I love so much. On the other hand, one of my biggest dreams was to visit Germany, improve my language skills, and learn the culture of the country. Little did I know that I would stay here for so long. My move showed me what it means to drastically change my life and start everything from scratch. But sometimes everything you need for a new beginning is just one suitcase. My suitcase brought me to Germany, let me get my second B.A. and after that let me change my life 1800 and start my blog.

Changes in life make you stronger

We all see changes in life so differently, but one thing is clear, it doesn´t matter, whether you like them or not, they make us stronger and better. Some people even desperately need life challenges to feel alive. Frankly, I don´t like changes at all but I clearly see that to get better or to succeed in anything, you must step aside of your comfort zone. So, I prefer looking my fears in the eye and try to defeat them even if I more eagerly had hidden myself somewhere safe.

This is how I felt when I came to Germany. It was a huge uncertainty and nothing more. I didn´t know what the future had in the store for me. Frankly, I didn´t even believe in what was going on until the moment my plane landed in Duesseldorf. I still think that moving to Germany was one of the deeds I needed to be the most courageous for as I possibly could be.

A move to another country makes you adventurous

Though you need a huge amount of courage to move abroad, the moment you´ve done it, you feel totally different. Getting into the new and unknown is an adventure. Maybe that’s why every time we travel somewhere, I don´t see a country like a vacation place but directly start contemplating whether I could live there or not.

Travelling, I got to know a country I directly fell in love with. I literally lost my heart to the Netherlands. Amsterdam is a special city for me, and I feel so at home every time I stay there. My new goal is moving to this amazing city where I´m most in harmony with myself and everything that´s around me.

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My second grand move is in the works

I´m so serious about moving to Amsterdam that I´ve already started to look through apartments for rent. Of course, after 10 years spent in Germany and everything I´d been through, it´s not that easy to do. It´s nothing like moving to another city, it´s much bigger. Additionally, the older you get, the more complicated such things get. All the clothes and an uncountable number of different things I got richer with throughout these years don´t make it easier too. Still, if you feel like you do the right thing, stick to it, right?





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