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For so many people the Black Friday is a special day when they can shop everything they want and find the best bargains of the year. I personally like the idea of purchasing something cheaper as it used to be, but I always try to keep calm and buy only things I really need to. This year I didn´t need anything to splurge on, so I purchased some little things I thought I could use. This is what I got on the Black Friday.

Makeup brushes by Morphe

I have been wanting to purchase these makeup brushes for so long, but this brand is not available in Germany. Luckily, I found it in the British Online Store Beauty Bay. On the Black Friday, they made 30% off on all makeup brushes and I decided to seize the opportunity. Of course, I was not the only one who wanted to have them. That is why I couldn´t get all makeup brushes I wanted, but I could increase my collection by 6 pieces. I purchased 4 eye makeup brushes, one contour brush, and one lip brush.


Concerning the quality of the brushes, I agree with all positive reviews on the web, because they are amazing. Though I like the brushes by Zoeva, these ones seem to be even softer. My personal favorite brush is the Morphe M138. You can make a perfectly blended contouring or bronzing with it just with one stroke. I´m very impressed.


Daily schedule by Juniqe

This year I started a bullet journal. I found the idea of such a personal journal so great that I turned to a constant use of it. Still, I noticed that I don´t necessarily need a notebook with empty pages to make my bullet journal. I just need some space and pages, but I also want to have a traditional daily schedule. The daily schedules by Junique look so stylish and creative and include everything I need. On the Black Weekend, the brand offered 25% discount on everything and I picked the one with a marble cover. The daily schedule is very practical and qualitative. There are separate monthly, weekly, and daily logs. Additionally, there are pages for ideas and thoughts, dreams etc. It includes everything I need and want to use.


Tights by Calzedonia

Christmas is a great chance to wear evening and cocktail dresses with thrilling colors, fabrics, gems, and other festive details. I consider what to wear on Christmas and the New Year´s Eve every year. I love wearing something special on that occasion. Though, it doesn´t have to be a new dress every year. It could be a great new accessory or a detail to my outfit which will make it special. On Black Friday I fell in love with special holiday tights by Calzedonia which were 20% off. The black tights with numerous black gems looked so festive and elegant that I had to purchase them. I want to pair them with a simple black dress to make them a highlight in the outfit. Still, we´ll see because everything is possible.



Advent candles by Depot

The first advent was just yesterday but I was looking for perfect advent candles for weeks. On the Black Friday, I found them at Depot. Though there wasn´t any shopping deal at the store, I decided to buy them as they had the perfect size and color for my advent decoration. I´m very happy with my decision and love how the composition turned out to be.



Did you find anything interesting on the Black Friday?

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