My cleansing routine with Dermasence

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Hi, beauties! Having dry and sensitive skin means having regular issues while trying to adjust my skincare routine. Though I love trying out new brands and different ranges of skincare products, I regularly turn back to pharmaceuticals. We all can have different opinions concerning the ingredients of pharmaceutical products but one thing is clear, there are barely any other skincare products which are so perfectly made for every issue and every skin condition. I´ve been using Dermasence products for a while already and I love how my skin feels and reacts on them. The splendid trio I´ve been loving and using is the cleansing mousse, the face lotion, and the face serum with the anti-age peptides.

Cleansing Mousse

Generally, if you have dry and/or sensitive skin, you should stick to cleansing milk and cleansing mousse instead of focusing on gels. Cleansing milk and mousse are gentler to the skin and don´t irritate and dry it out too much. The cleansing mousse by Dermasence is super gentle and still, a very effective product. It removes even a very active makeup pretty well. The product contains glycol and salicylic acids which cleanse the skin down to the pores and remove all the dead cells. The glycol acid is known to further a faster skin regeneration and while using it regularly, visibly perfecting the complexion. That´s why the glycolic acid is a true magic wand against fine lines and scares. Salicylic acid helps to deeply cleanse the skin down to the pores and can help against acne. Further on, this cleansing mousse is a pH-level regulating product, which means that your skin will get less dry or less shiny because the product will help it adjust its functions.

 Face lotion 

Though it´s told everywhere, many girls tend to neglect such an important step like toning the skin in their skincare routine. Remember that toning your skin is very important because it removes the rest of your makeup and prepares your skin for further care. The face lotion by Dermasence is a skin calming product which helps to adjust the pH-level as the cleansing mousse does. Such ingredients like witch hazel and bisabolol are natural helpers for dry and flaky skin. The moment you apply it on your face, you will feel a nice feeling of freshness and hydration. I use it twice a day and never skip this step in the evening. I really enjoy how great my skin feels and looks like.

Face serum with Peptides “Hyalusome Konzentrat”

After cleansing and toning my skin, I always use high-concentrated serums. At the moment, I have been getting a series of chemical peeling done which lets my skin regenerate faster, but it also can make it more sensitive as it usually is. The serum is a great product which hydrates my skin and nourishes it. Additionally, it is recommended after different beauty treatments for better results and faster rehabilitation. The liposomes and jojoba oil are great anti-aging ingredients which increase its elasticity and fight mimic lines. For better results, use the serum twice a day concentrating on your face, neck and decollete. I absolutely love this product because it holds what it promises.




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    • Daria
      23. March 2019 / 22:21

      Thank you so much!

  1. 17. March 2019 / 5:51

    It is always interesting to see what people use for their skincare routine. I haven’t heard of Dermasence before. Glad it worked out for you!

    Nancy ♥

    • Daria
      23. March 2019 / 17:37

      Yeah, I also like learning what brands other people use and love :).

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