My current beauty favorites: May 2019

[vc_row full_width=”stretch_row_content”][vc_column width=”1/6″][/vc_column][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]There is barely anything as satisfying as finding those beauty products which your skin really loves and which meet all your needs. I don´t belong to the persons who get hundreds of new favorites each month and everything I use is put to a hard test. Only the best products which really hold what they promise can be considered as my current favorites. This is why I take my time using each item and only when I´m sure that I love it, I put it on my list. To me personally, a great product is the one I will repurchase for sure. In today´s post, I put my current faves together which I´ve been using for a while and will gladly take into my summer skincare and makeup routine. Let´s hop to them!

Sunblock line by I+M

The brand-new sunblock line by the German brand I+M is the one I fell in love with immediately. Both the face cream and body milk have an SPF of 30 which is enough for my needs in the city during summer. The products are absolutely natural and vegan. I also find the packaging very cute and I love its juicy summer color. I use the cream prior to my usual makeup routine and I can absolutely ensure you that your foundation will look great and won´t smudge. If you live in Germany, you should give this line a shot cause it’s amazing.

Airbrush concealer by Benefit

Finding a nice concealer is not that easy for me because most of them crease in my fine lines even if I set them with a powder. Until recently I didn´t even think about trying a creamy concealer because I knew how bad it would look on my under-eye area but I absolutely changed my mind the moment I tried the airbrush concealer by Benefit. Since then, this product belongs to my absolute faves and travels with me everywhere. The great thing is that I don´t necessarily need to set it with a powder. It looks amazing and doesn´t crease even while wearing it on its own. Whether I need to perfect my under-eye area or cover a pimple, I use this concealer. It´s a true magic wand.

Skincare line Bio Papaya by Bio Végan Skinfood

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you probably know that I love the brand Bio Végan Skinfood. It has a wide range of products for every skin type and every need. The line Bio Papaya is the newest one and was recently launched. I had a chance to try it before it could even be found in drugstores. I got three products to test: a face serum, a face cream, and a face toner. All products contain AHA acid. This acid helps to make your skin more even and healthy-looking. Additionally,  it reduces fine lines and makes the skin cells renew much faster. Though it sounds amazing, you still need to keep in mind that any chemical peelings or skincare products which contains any acids (both chemical and fruit ones) should be used correctly. It´s important always to apply a higher sunblock after using them because acids make the skin more sensitive to the sun. Actually, the best period for using them is fall and winter but we have so little sun at the moment in Germany that this is not a problem for me. Still, I always apply a sunscreen with an SPF 30 or more to be safe.

Deo cream: extra strong by I+M

Since I got to know deo creams by I+M, I´ve been using them regularly. In my case, these are the only products without aluminum which really help against sweating. The deo cream line got richer because the brand I+M launched another, extra strong version of the product. That means that even a hard workout won´t let you feel uncomfortable. I tested the cream myself and I love how effective it works. Summer 2019 is supposed to be very hot in Germany, so I think, I´m well endowed with it.

Highlighter by Ofra Cosmetics

I wouldn´t be myself if I hadn´t got a crush on another highlighter. It´s just bigger than me. My latest catch is the one by Ofra in the shade “all of the lights”. There are four gorgeous shades in one pan which can be used together or separately. I love using all four for my cheeks and the champagne shade for my nose. The product blends like heaven and is really, really pigmented. Still, using a fan brush, you can make it look more subtle if you want to. It´s just beyond pretty, you guys!


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