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Though my relationship status with natural skincare products can be called quite complicated, I still like trying new brands in hope to find something that will completely blow me away. For today´s review, I picked three products from a German natural skincare brand called Botanical. Some of them impressed me pretty well, though one product turned out to be my personal no-go.

Hand Wash


The first one of the products I tested is the hand wash by the brand. It contains orange oil, rosemary oil, and other natural ingredients which nourish the skin and work as a natural antiseptic. For sure, you know the feeling when you just washed your hands with a normal soap and your hands feel as dry as hell. In my case, there are not only budget soaps but also quite expensive ones which make me feel like that. My only solution always was a thick layer of a hand cream directly after having washed my hands. That is why I was very surprised not to feel this familiar but still frustrating feeling after I´ve tried this liquid hand wash. My hands feel amazing and I even forget to apply my hand cream regularly because I don´t miss anything. The product smells very natural and decent, like herbals, which is also good for me. I´m very satisfied with this hand wash and enjoy using it.

Body Balm



This product was the only one which I didn´t like at all. Don´t get me wrong, it´s great even for a dry skin because of numerous oils in the product but it smells so bad to me that I can barely use it. To me, it smells like a cheap detergent and it´s so strong and lasting that I smell it the whole day on my skin which drives me crazy. It could have been a great product if it had a more neutral or flowery smell, e.g. like the phyto serum.

Phyto Serum


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Though the brand calls the product a serum, to me it´s a traditional face oil. It contains such fruit and flower oils like avocado oil, jojoba oil, carrot seed oil, and many other ingredients for a deep nourishment of the skin. This face oil hydrates and nourishes my skin leaving it glowy and healthy. The brand recommends using it both in the morning and in the evening, still, I use it only in the evening because the product needs time to be completely absorbed by the skin. On the next day, I enjoy the feeling of a smooth and beautiful skin. I personally don´t have so much time in the morning and apply my makeup almost every day, so, it´s not the right skin care product for me. As a huge fan of perfumes and everything having a great smell, I fell in love with this face oil. It smells so nice like flowers and citrus fruits. This smell alone improves my mood and make me want to apply it regularly on my skin. Though the price of the product is not inexpensive, I would recommend you to try it, especially if you have a dry skin, pay attention to natural ingredients in your skincare products, and don´t want to use products of the brands testing it on animals.



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    • Daria
      27. March 2018 / 21:05

      Thank you so much! I really liked the products, especially the face serum.

  1. 26. March 2018 / 16:52

    Oh those sound great! I always love trying out new products especially if they are a bit more on the natural side. Thank you for sharing!


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