My favorite fragrances for late fall and winter

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Can you imagine a life without your favorite fragrances? I can’t, because for me every perfume – is a continuation of my every outfit, it reflects my mood. Just because of that, I can’t live a day without perfumes. That’s why in all intents and purposes I can’t understand women who have one favorite fragrance and use it for several years straight. That’s absolutely not for me, because my tastes are different almost every day and depend on my mood and season. Spring and summer call for flowery-fresh scents, when in fall and winter I could use deep, sensual, and warm fragrance compositions. Today, I want to share with you my favorite perfumes for late fall and winter, as they are the most suitable for cold seasons.

Libre by YSL

This fragrance composition was my latest catch at the beginning of this fall-winter season. Having tried this perfume for the first time in the store, I understood that I won’t go home without it. Despite the fact that again, this is a floral scent, it would be way too rich and intense for spring and summer. Bourbon vanilla tenderness meets cool lavender, connects with the notes of neroli essential oil and orange blossom oil, it creates pulsating, an attractive composition that you would want to use again and again. In spite of its sensuality and femininity, there is clearly one stronger, almost masculine note. Having tried it once, you won’t mix it up with anything else. The bottle design is another story because it’s a work of art on its own. From one point of view – minimalistic, luxurious and incredibly stylish – from another. It’s not something you’d want to hide in a dark corner, that’s why this bottle is the main feature of my makeup vanity.

Lacoste pour Femme

Minimalistic packaging hides a very interesting and unusual floral aroma inside of it. Despite its flowery character, I prefer to use it precisely in cold times of the year. The composition includes notes of hibiscus, Bulgarian rose, and jasmine, transferring into deeper, more saturated notes of cedar and sandalwood. Smelling this perfume each time, I imagine a soft and cozy cashmere pullover, because that’s how I feel wearing the perfume. This scent will be perfect for women, who are not afraid to demonstrate their femininity, who strive for warmth and comfort.

Black Opium by YSL

One more famous scent from French Yves Saint Laurent house which connects both male and female origin in itself. If revolution could be described with perfumery, this fragrance would be its exact description. This perfume is so deep, sensual, provocative, that it’s a hundred percent rock-n-roll. All these thanks to such notes as jasmine, essential orange blossom oil, vanilla, cedar, patchouli, amplified with a bright coffee bean note. Believe me, if you like the smell of fresh-ground coffee beans, you would love this unusual and extremely bright perfume.

Roses musk by Montale

I am definitely not a fan of the scent of roses, but in spite of this, I am fully in love with this unique, replete and a bit sour aroma. Many people like it in spring, but I like it way more in cold times of the year. It’s all because the rose note, which is one of the general components and passing leitmotif through the whole character of the aroma, is not a traditional one. It’s a musk rose. Rose oil combined with musk notes, ambergris and jasmine – present a very unusual, bright and incomparable creation of Montale house, which had already become a classic, and it suits every age and every occasion.

By the Fireplace by Maison Margiela

This perfume is a part of “Replica” collection, which transfers emotions and memories about various moments and good times through the language of perfumery. As the name of this perfume piece of art reveals, it’s about creating a sense of comfort, like being in front of a warm fireplace. By sensing the sweet roasted chestnut and burnt wood note, you can really imagine a cold winter evening, while you are sitting in front of the fireplace with a cup of hot, pleasant tea, enjoying all the warmth and comfort. This perfume is perfect for cold times of the year. It will make you feel warm inside, which is so very comforting in cold winters.

Cuir Améthyste by Armani Privé

Perhaps the most unique, unconventional scent from the whole list, and the most expensive – is Cuir Améthyste. Active, provocative, sexy and mysterious – is all this aroma is about.

«The idea behind the Cuir Améthyste is simple: it takes its origin from leather, the most sensual and unusual material». – Giorgio Armani

The main note of the perfume is imitation of the smell of leather, obtained from a birch tree with Indonesian patchouli. To use this bright composition with solid, almost masculine character, on yourself, you need not just to be 100 percent confident in yourself, but you must also have inner strength, because the character of this scent is on the edge with male solidity.

What perfumes are your favorites in fall and winter?






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