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The day I purchased my first smoothie maker, I got hooked on smoothies. Now I cannot even imagine my life without them. Of course, there are plenty of ready-to-drink smoothies in almost every grocery store but they’re not the same as the ones you mix yourself. There are many pros to integrate smoothies into your life. First of all, they are super healthy. Additionally, they provide you with numerous vitamins and fibers. You can also decide what vitamins you want to get out of a smoothie. They also make full without feeling like you´ve had a stone for breakfast. Last but not least, smoothies are easy to make and are very practical to enjoy them even on the go. Today, I want to share with you my top three smoothies which I regularly drink myself.


This smoothie is perfect for a morning and makes full for a long time. It´s my best choice in case my morning starts way too early and everything should be done quickly.

You need the following ingredients:

100g frozen or fresh raspberries

200g low-fat curd

1 tablespoon of honey

50 ml of water

Mix all the ingredients, add some oat flakes, and enjoy.

Detox Smoothie

I drink this smoothie 1 or 2 times a week or when I eat something heavy or unhealthy.

All you need is:

1 handful of baby spinach

1 apple and ½ of cucumber

1 tabe spoon of lemon juice and once small piece of ginger

Mix it with a little bit of water and enjoy.

Exotic Energy

I always drink this smoothie when I need an extra portion of energy boost. Both in the morning and later after a heavy workout, this mix gives me as much energy as a normal cup of coffee would give.

The ingredients needed:

1 Mango

Juice of one orange

100 ml carrot juice

100 ml coconut milk

Just mix it all together and give some flaxseed on top to boost the digestion.




What smoothie do you prefer? Share your favorites in the comment section down below.


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