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Where do you purchase your skin care products? Most of you will probably do it at a drugstore or department store. Obviously, it´s one of the most convenient ways to do it. I also prefer department stores and to be honest, since I have started my blog, I purchase beauty products more often. Of course, there is always something brand new that I want to test and share with you my experience with the product. Still, there are some products that are my favorites which I purchase in a pharmacy only. What are these products that I don´t want to miss and that can compete against similar ones by more expensive labels? Here are my personal top 5.

Plantur 21 Hair Growth Tonic

I have been using this hair growth tonic for two years every spring and autumn. As my hair grows rather slowly and I react to every stress situation with hair loss, I support it with this tonic. It brings visible results, though you should use it once every day. The package contains 250 ml of the product which is enough for one year of usage (at least, if you´ll use it the way I do) The product has a water-like consistency, a very nice smell and doesn´t make my hairline oily, which some other products do. This is my third package I bought and I´m very satisfied with the results after using the hair growth tonic.


Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar water

For many of us, micellar water became one of the must-haves to remove all kinds of makeup. This beauty product is so practical, multifunctional, and easy to use. With just one product you can remove both eye makeup and a long-lasting lipstick. I also like using micellar water on a daily base. Unfortunately, my skin reacts with pimples and irritations on many products, like the micellar water by Garnier and others. The only micellar water which is gentle to my skin and leaves it clean and smooth is the Sensibio H2O by Bioderma. The product is specially made for sensible skin and still, removes even intensive makeup pretty well. I prefer purchasing the version with a pump as it makes the application much easier and I always get the right amount of the product on my cotton pad. To me, this micellar water is a must-have.


Thermal water by Avène

I am a huge fan of thermal water. There are many great products out there, still, I personally, prefer the one by Avène. I tried many other brands and some of them just “spat” the water instead of creating a hydrating mist. With this product, I don´t have any problem and I even can use it while wearing makeup. Additionally, there are different sizes you can choose from. I have all possible sizes as I use it everywhere, at home, after a workout or working at the desk. The smallest bottle, which contains 50 ml, is perfect for taking it on a plane and refreshing the skin during the flight. Especially now, when the temperatures rise, such a thermal water spray makes your skin feel much better.


Deodorant „Citrus“ by Weleda

Though you can buy this deodorant at a drugstore, I prefer to order it at the online pharmacy Europa Apotheek . There are many special offers for different skin care and body care products and you can definitely save some money.

As for the deodorant, this spray was the first one I tried after I stopped using deodorants which contain aluminum. This product contains natural ingredients such as etheric oils which protect against sweat and give you a nice, citrus fragrance. I have been using it for a year and really like it.


YsthéAL by Avène

I love using this night cream, especially during spring and summer as its consistency is very light. The face cream was created by the French label specially for young skin with the first fine lines. It boosts the skin cell renew and provides it with Vitamins A and C. It also doesn´t contain parabens, silicones, and synthetical fragrances. I was recommended to try this face cream and I didn´t regret having done it. The product works great!


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What skin care products are your favorite?

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