My favorite skin and body care products by Luvos

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Hi, beauties! Today´s post will be of interest for everyone who loves and searches for great natural skin and body care products. I personally try to avoid dubious ingredients in my skincare as much as I can. As for body care, I avoid such ingredients like paraffin which are very often to find in body lotions. Paraffines create an invisible layer on your skin making it feel much smoother but in reality, it´s just an illusion. In fact, paraffines do nothing well, they just clog your pores and don´t let your skin receive its oxygen. That´s why you should kick such products out of your life. I´m really happy to have found the great natural brand Luvos which creates all the skin and body care with healing clay. In today´s post, I want to share with you my favorites by Luvos and what makes them so special and great.

Tinted fluid with apricot seed oil by Luvos

On the days when I don´t wear any makeup or simply go to the gym, I still want to look my best and this is where the tinted fluid by Luvos can really help. The best thing about this product is the fact that it combines both nice hydrating day skincare and a light foundation. It takes care of the skin and makes it look evenly and more radiant. The apricot seed oil in the fluid helps the skin to regenerate and moisturizes it. When I go with no makeup look throughout a day, I always use this fluid and feel sure to have a healthy, radiant, and more even complexion without any sign of having any makeup on my skin.

FYI: Though I love this product, there is one significant detail you should know about. I wouldn´t recommend using the fluid in case your skin is super dry because it will emphasize all dryness and make it even more visible than it really is. I found it out when I got my series of chemical peelings at the beginning of this spring. Of course, after such deep and intensive treatments, my skin got very sensitive and over-dry. The moment I applied the fluid on my face, I discovered that it looked just horrible. Still, after letting all the normal symptoms of the chemical peeling treatments go away, I could use the product without any problem.

Hand balm by Luvos

If you have dry skin on your hands you will love this hand balm. To me, it´s one of those products which make my dry hands feel and look the best way they probably can. I love using it before going to bed because the texture of the balm is quite rich, and it takes a little bit longer to be absorbed by the skin. Next morning though, you´ll get super soft and great looking and feeling hands. This hand balm is a real life-saver for everyone who has dry and rough skin.

Shower cream by Luvos

This shower cream is perfect for dry and sensitive skin. It´s a great product with natural ingredients which doesn´t contain any coloring and scent agents or preservatives. Such ingredients like olive oil, sesame oil and sunflower seed oil in the cream are taken from organic controlled farming and are absolutely pollution-free. While having a shower you´ll feel that it´s not the normal body cleansing product because it´s so gentle and nourishing to the skin. Even before I apply a body lotion, I feel how hydrated and smooth my skin is. It´s such a nice product your skin will be thankful for.

Cell regenerating body balm by Luvos

To maximize the effect of the shower cream, I use the cell regenerating body balm which is also completely natural. The balm nourishes my skin and strengthens its natural barrier making it smoother and plumper. Using a nice body care product is significant to minimize the damages caused by the weather, hard water we have in most cities and other environmental issues.

Vitamines „skin plus“

I try to take care of my skin the best way I can, paying attention to both the inner and outer beauty. That´s why I´m sure that good vitamins and supplements should be taken every now and then. I prefer sticking to making treatments two times a year and taking them for about three months. Vitamins “skin plus” belongs to my all-time favorites just because they contain healing clay, vitamin C, and carrot extract which help the skin to reproduce collagen and take care of it against oxidative stress. My body reacts on these vitamins just great and I see the difference every time I take a three-months treatment. My skin gets more radiant and looks evenly.

Capsules „Imutox“

Detoxing the body is also very important because of all the bad stuff we get regularly. It can be food, drugs, diseases, and many other issues. To help my body get rid of toxins and free radicals, I take “imutox” two times a year. This gives me so many benefits starting with a cleansed body from within finishing with better-looking skin. The capsules are also absolutely natural and can be taken without any prescription. I recommend everyone taking detoxing treatments at least two times a year for remaining healthy and feeling and looking better.




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