My stay at Indigo Hotel Dusseldorf – review

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Hi, beauties! I belong to that category of people who need a regular change in life and cannot stand staying too long at home meaning both my place and my town. Blogging helps me to avoid being bored sitting in one place because there are events not only in Germany but also in the whole of Europe. I regularly meet new great people and it´s always something new going on. Still, in my private life, I prefer changes every now and then too. To keep it fresh, my husband and I made out our little ritual. From time to time, we go on a short trip with a car and stay in other cities and towns near Dusseldorf or simply check in in a cozy hotel in our place. It just gives you such a nice feeling of seeing and getting new impressions. Recently, we discovered the hotel called Indigo Hotel Dusseldorf where we had a chance to spend a night. In this post, I want to share with you my impressions about the hotel in case you will come to Dusseldorf one day and want a great place to stay in.


The hotel is situated in the heart of Dusseldorf in the district Pempelfort. From where, you can easily and fast get to the main street of the city, the Kings Allee where all you can find all luxurious brands and more. Coming to the main station in Dusseldorf, you can get to the hotel super easy with the taxi. You´ll need only a 15-minutes-drive.

The Hotel Indigo Düsseldorf: not a usual hotel chain

The hotel indigo Düsseldorf belongs to the IHG hotel chain. All their hotels look absolutely different. This one is not an exception. The main theme of the hotel´s interior is fashion. You can see it the moment you´ll get in there.

We come a little bit earlier to the hotel and decided to wait for our room to be made in the lobby drinking some coffee and soft drinks. The hotel has one interesting detail because every floor is decorated according to the fashion decade starting with the ’50s and finishing with ’70s. In the center of every floor, you can find some characteristics of the given decade with a huge picture which symbolizes that period of time. By the way, such a pic is printed in every room on the wall as well.

The room

The room we had was very cozy and big. There was absolutely everything in there you may need, inclusive a desk and a coffee machine. The bed was also very big and super comfy. We both slept like babies that night. We also had a nice terrace with a little table and chairs. It was definitely one of the most stylish and colorful rooms I´ve ever had in the hotels.

There is also a cozy back yard in the hotel where you can enjoy the calmness even while staying in the city center. Another important thing for me personally is the gym. I know, even the best hotels don´t always have a normal gym. Still, in this case, I was positively surprised to find it quite big and well-equipped.

The restaurant [a]dress kitchen & bar

To get a complete opinion about a hotel, one should have dinner at the restaurant almost every hotel has. I must say that every time I remember that dinner, I get hungry. It was such good. I also found out that all products for all dishes at the restaurant are from the original origin and come from our federal state NRW. My husband ordered pasta with beef stripes and I got the Caesar salad with chicken. Though my salad was absolutely great, I still was a little bit jealous of my husband because his dish smelled way too good. The restaurant proved its quality and a great atmosphere.


While booking the room at the hotel, we added breakfast as well. I could definitely recommend it to you. There is a great number of different options including vegetarian ones. First, I got some muesli but then switch to scrambled eggs and sausages 😊. All in one, it was great, and everyone could find anything he/she liked.

Why you should choose Indigo Hotel Dusseldorf:

If you are planning to visit Dusseldorf, I can highly recommend you to take the Indigo Hotel Dusseldorf into consideration. Staying there you´ll get a central location, a great service, and nice and cozy rooms. It´s perfect for those who prefer to stay in the center of the city and still keep it quiet and calm.





* Dies ist eine Zusammenarbeit mit dem Hotel Indigo Düsseldorf. Alle Meinungen sind allerdings meine eigenen und wurden auf keine Art und Weise beeinflusst.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/6″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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