My summer beauty favorites I´ll take with me into fall

Hi, beauties! Summer is over and we will miss it, even if it hasn´t been the way we expected it to be. During the last three months, I discovered some new beauty products for myself that had been my holy grail throughout the whole summer, and with which I am so satisfied that I am happy to take them with me into fall. Here are my summer favorites:

Face serum “hyaluron high intense” by Eubos

I rarely buy new care products because I always want to try something new and it doesn’t happen very often that something knocks me off my feet. But in the case of this face serum, I re-bought not once but twice already. For some time now, I’ve been looking carefully at what ingredients my cosmetic items contain and I avoid many of them. The list of ingredients of the “Hyaluron High Intense” serum is amazing. It does not contain any silicones, parabens, mineral oils, fragrances, or dyes. Even if you have sensitive skin that reacts to everything, this serum will save you. It is also outstanding regarding what a great effect it has on the skin. It´s immediately hydrated thanks to squalene, hyaluronic acid, and niacinamide. Wrinkles are smoothed out; the skin regains its freshness and radiance. I am thrilled with this serum. Using the serum I get great and visible results and I am also sure that only good ingredients land on my skin.

Concealer “boing cakeless concealer” by Benefit

Since I always had smile lines under my eyes, it is not always easy for me to find a good concealer. Even with fixing powder, I sometimes get my concealer in the lines and it doesn´t look nice. The “Boing” concealers by Benefit fit me amazingly well, so I keep buying these. First of all, I love the very first creamy version. Interestingly, this concealer looks really good on me, although the creamy ones are supposed to be the most problematic ones. The new, liquid version is also excellent. It conceals, looks natural, and with a little fixing powder, I don’t need to touch up my makeup at all. In addition, this concealer looks incredibly cute.

Swarovski earrings

I am a big jewelry fan. I bought quite a few accessories this summer, but in this post, I want to mention these two pairs of earrings. I’ve worn them the most, and I’ll actively do it in the fall too. I found both pairs at the Swarovski store. The first pair represents the red corals. Golden chains change into colorful corals decorated with rhinestones. On the one hand, they look very filigree. But at the same time, they are a beautiful eye-catcher.

The second pair has an edgy touch and is golden too. A small line with rhinestones is also the holder for three chains of different lengths, which are decorated with rhinestones and small metal feathers. These earrings are best worn with your hair tied up so that they can really stand out. I found both pairs of earrings so beautiful that I had to buy them both directly. Which ones do you like best?

Ambient lightning palette by Hourglass

I’ve heard a lot about these palettes. There are three different variations: the bronzing, the highlighting, and the dim. I decided for the third one. What can I say, I’m totally in love with it. I don’t know how this magic happens, but it happens every time I apply it. When my makeup is done, I apply it all over my face (including the under-eye area). A touch of it creates such a great, fresh, radiant, and healthy finish. Both in real life and in the pictures, my skin looks perfect. I´ve been using the palette non-stop. The only question I often ask myself is why I didn’t discover it much earlier.

Bronzer “SunGasm” by Catrice

Who would have thought that an inexpensive bronzer could be so good? Catrice regularly amazes me with great new makeup products. This bronzer is part of the summer 2020 collection. It gives you a fresh, slightly shimmering finish as if you had been kissed by the sun. The product is well pigmented, does not stain, and looks great. By the way, in autumn it will also look fantastic because it looks warm and gentle on the skin, like a glimpse of late summer.

“California Dreams” fragrance by Louis Vuitton

I got the scent for my birthday and fell in love straight away. This new perfume by Louis Vuitton is a fresh, extraordinary creation that suits every season. The notes of mandarin and ambrette appear fresh and warm, while the notes of benzoin and vanilla make the composition seductive and yet gentle. I loved wearing the fragrance in summer and I’m also happy to be able to wear it in autumn because it is really more than suitable for both hot and cooler days. This composition is really something unique because I’ve never tried anything remotely similar anywhere and I’m often asked which perfume I wear.

What were your beauty favorites in summer? Which of them will you continue to use in fall?






*numerous brands had been mentioned
*I bought all items in the post

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