My summer beauty must-haves

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I love summer so much and enjoy everything about this season. Some people complain about the weather being too hot and sticky, but I like such days. This is how the real summer should look like. Of course, even on hot summer days, I want to look nice and have my skin and hair nourished. Still, many beauty products I love using throughout the whole year, are not the best ones for such days. They can smudge, look cakey or just too heavy for summer. In today´s post, I decided to share with you some of my summer beauty must-haves.

Sun screen by Nivea and Neutrogena

Without a doubt, an appropriate sun screen is the most important thing on sunny days. Whether you´re staying in the city or going on vacation, it´s important to protect your skin against sun damages. I try to protect both my face and my body. That is why I use two products. My all-time favorite sun screen for my face is the “Age Shield Face” by Neutrogena. I have been using it for two years already and repurchase it every time I´ve run out of the product. Though the cream is quite thick (because of the high SPF 110), it´s easy and smooth to apply on my face and neck. It also doesn’t´ leave a white layer on the skin and doesn´t feel sticky. I use this product even underneath my makeup and it doesn’t look cakey or smudge. Using it on its own will give you a nice matte finish without drying out your skin. This sun screen is my number one for summer.


As for my body, I also try to protect it against the UVA/UVB radiation. This summer I discovered the product “Sun – protection & nourishment” by Nivea. I like using it as it protects my skin and nourishes it at the same time. It contains hydrating ingredients which make my skin feel soft and nice. It also smells very nice and not too strong. The spray form of the product is perfect for me because it makes the application so easy. There is another benefit from a spray product, the contact of the product with the oxygen will be minimized and all the bacteria won´t reproduce too soon making such a product dangerous.

Nail polish in unicorn look by Maybelline

Unicorns are literally everywhere. This trend went so far, from t-shirts and cute figures to make up products. Obviously, I copped it as well, as I fell in love with the new nail polishes by Maybelline. The new line “Fairy Spell” contains several color nail polishes and two top coats with different effects. Of course, I picked up the one with the name “Unicorn Addiction”. This top coat creates such a beautiful iridescent look. I´m so in love with this kind of a manicure that I apply the top coat every time and cannot stop admiring my nails.



Sun Protective Compact Foundation SPF 30 by Shiseido

Even on super-hot days, I want to have a flawless skin without wearing too much makeup. Actually, I don´t use compact powder a lot, but this summer I found something great. The foundation SPF 30 by Shiseido isn´t a traditional powder, it´s a compact foundation with an SPF. It creates a nice and flawless skin within seconds. It conceals little imperfections and doesn’t´ look like a powder on the skin. It´s easy to apply even on the go, that is why this product is always in my bag.



Shower gel “Lemongrass & Oil” by Nivea

When it gets hot, all my numerous shower gels, smelling like fruits and berries are being put aside. I don´t know, maybe it´s my personal thing, but such sweet-smelling products are getting to intensive and are even irritating for me. All I want to smell in summer is freshness. That is why I use the shower gel “Lemongrass & Oil” by Nivea every summer. This is the freshest product I´ve ever tried. The tiny oil pearls in the shower gel nourish the skin. After using it, even the driest skin won´t feel any tightness. I love using it in the morning and after a work-out, as it gives me more energy and a feeling of soft skin.


Sheet-mask „Hydra Bomb“ by Garnier

I am a huge fan of sheet-masks and tried a huge bunch of different brands and products. I also tried all varieties of the well-known “Hydra Bomb” sheet-masks by Garnier. Some of them are so great that I always repurchase them. This new face mask is specially created for fatigued and stressed skin and contains hyaluronic acid and lavender oil. It is perfect for using both in summer and winter. I will take it on my vacation next month for sure. I could imagine that this sheet-mask will nicely reduce a sensibility, redness, and tightness after a chemical peeling treatment, which most of us will do in autumn and winter.



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What are your summer beauty mast-haves? What products can you rely on?

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  1. 2. August 2017 / 14:45

    I love your summer must-haves! I recently discovered Shiseido sunscreen products and I’m hooked! I’d love to also try that Maybelline nail polish – so adorable! 🙂 xo

    Sabina | I’ve Got Sunshine

    • Daria
      5. August 2017 / 14:44

      Thank you so so much, dear Sabina! I also find Shiseido sunscreen products very good! 🙂

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