My winter skincare routine – skincare for normal to dry skin

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Hi, beauties! I don´t like winter and neither does my skin. It´s just too sensible and always reacts with the feeling of tightness, gets dry and red. This is how I feel every year starting from the end of September and till May. The colder it gets, the more I must struggle to maintain the good condition of my skin. My favorite skincare products which I love using in summer provide not enough nourishment. That´s why I need rich products which really work in the wintertime. Today, I´m sharing with you my list of the top skincare items for a nourished and hydrated skin in colder seasons.

Deep nourishment with the bio hemp products by Bio Vegan Skinfood

In winter, I love using oils because if you have normal to dry skin, they really work wonder. This winter I discovered a new, super nourishing line by the band Bio Vegan Skinfood. The line “bio hemp” is specially made for stressed skin and helps to reduce redness, the feeling of tightness, and dryness. By the way, hemp is one of those rare ingredients which suit every skin type and work extremely well.

Fist of all, I use the bio hemp serum in the morning and in the evening. I apply it on my face, neck, and the neckline. The serum is extremely light and is absorbed by the skin very fast. Still, it nourishes directly at the moment you apply it. I can definitely feel the difference. The product contains not only hemp seed oil but also such precious ingredients like aloe vera, almond oil, jojoba oil, and natural anti-stress complex specially created for this line. All those ingredients work together giving your skin all the needed nourishment making it smooth, relaxed, and glowy again.

After the serum, I apply the bio hemp face cream which also contains hemp seed oil and many other superfood ingredients for the skin. It just makes the effect of the serum much stronger and provides an additional level of hydration and care. I also use it both in the morning and in the evening. The best thing about it for morning usage is the fact that it is also absorbed very fast. So, I can move on pretty quickly and start doing my daily makeup without getting a cakey face.    

An additional nourishment and soft deep cleansing with face masks

One thing is clear, it doesn´t matter how stressed your skin feels during winter, you still gotta cleanse it deeply and provide it the best possible nourishment adding some extra steps into your beauty routine. I for one, can´t live without face masks.

Nutri sensation by Dr. Grandel

Though this particular face mask is supposed to be an anti-aging product, it´s always the question of your individual skin needs and issues. Some girls start noticing increasing fine lines already at the age of 27 or something and need some special skincare to prevent premature aging. I passed the age of 30 and sometimes have a feeling that my skin needs something to boost it. The mask nutri sensation is meant to hydrate, regenerate, and lift the skin. A lipo-peptide complex in the product helps cell regeneration and supports it to gain its natural defensive forces. Only 20 minutes will make your skin feel and look so much better.

Energy mousse mask by Jean d´Arcel

This mask mixture was created to optimize the skin barrier to protect it against environmental impacts and the premature aging and damaging. It feels so light on the skin and still, gives so much hydration and nourishment so that even the fine lines caused by dryness are almost completely gone. The way how this face mask is prepared is also fun. There are two parts that should be mixed together to turn into a mousse. It´s always like a little magic session together with a great skincare treatment all in one.

Clay masks by Luvos

Clay masks by Luvos are my personal must-haves all year long. Even with my sensitive skin, I can easily use them without any irritations, redness, or the feeling of tightness. Another great thing about these masks that there are so many to choose from that you definitely will find the one you´ll love. I prefer using the anti-pollution and the anti-stress ones. They are very gentle and still, get my pores super clean. I also fell in love with the newest masks by Luvos recently. They have two steps to cleanse and take care of the skin. The first step is a clay mask to deeply cleanse the skin. The second one contains a highly concentrated serum specially created for different skin issues and problems.

All these skincare products help me keep my skin in a best possible condition during winter with its weather changes, warm and dry air inside, and frosty winter outside.




*Some of the products have been sent to me for a test. All information and opinions are my own and have not been affected in any way. .[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/6″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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