My evening skincare – eight steps for a beautiful skin

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Hi, dear all!

Everyone knows how important the skin care which is adapted to the type of the skin and its special features is. As for the day skin care, it´s not that difficult to find a nice moisturizer. A moisturizer with an SPF would be the perfect decision even if it´s winter. But what about the right evening skin care? In order to nourish your skin, the best way you can and do it correctly, you should know what type of skin you have, what skin problems you have and also, how and when the cells in the skin regenerate better and more quickly. In this post, I want to share with you my daily evening skin care routine, which consists of seven steps. The seven steps skin care system came from Asia and is popular in Europe as well.

Make-up cleansing

As I use foundations and CC creams almost every day, I start my make-up cleansing with the first step, a cleansing oil. Apply it on your dry skin and cleanse it with warm water. The reaction of the oil with water lets every make-up be cleansed within seconds without any rubbing. Using a cleansing oil is very important if you use CC creams regularly. The fact is, that the ingredients of CC creams (mainly moisturizing ones) go much deeper into your skin and cannot be completely cleaned out of your pores while using a traditional cleansing foam, milk or emulsion. All this could lead to blemishes, blackheads, and pimples. I watched some YouTube beauty videos where the girls complain about their CC creams clogging their pores. That´s not true, one just needs to cleanse the skin correctly. I use the cleansing oil “Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil” by the body shop and I´m very satisfied with it.

Cleansing oil camomile the body shop dbk stylez

Another way to start with the correct cleansing is using a micellar water. I love the one by Bioderma as this product doesn´t cause skin rashes. I stopped trying another micellar water products because of a bad experience with the one by Garnier (the review can be found here). The micellar water by Bioderma is probably the only product my skin is happy with. I mostly use it to remove my eye make-up.

FYI: using a micellar water, don´t forget to wash your face with warm water (it doesn´t matter what micellar water you use). This product should be washed up, though many brands don´t write it on the package.

After having cleansed your skin with a cleansing oil or a micellar water, you should use a traditional cleansing foam, milk or emulsion. These products will remove the rest of make-up from your skin and prepare it for the farther skin care steps. I use “pure clean cream” by Kiko Milano. 

Pure Clean Cream Kiko Milano DBK stylez


A facial toner is another important skin care step which refreshes your skin and cleanses it from the rest of your make-up your cleansing foam couldn´t cleanse it from. At the moment, I use the facial toner “skin perfection” by L´Oréal. I really like it as it has a nice texture and a great smell. It also makes my skin so smooth and fresh.

Skin Perfection L´Oréal DBK Stylez


Autumn and winter are just perfect for such facial treatments as chemical peelings. Of course, if you like using traditional (mechanical) peelings once or twice a week, go for it. I don´t use such, as my skin reacts with irritations and tightness on such peelings. I swear on chemical exfoliators which perfect the skin with the help of different fruit acids. Such chemical treatments could help to reduce wrinkles or hyperpigmentation, remove dead skin cells, and revitalize it. I have been using the product “mezo serum” by Bielenda which contains 10% of sesame acid. I apply it 3-4 times a week for a month. Then I make a pause for another three weeks. The following fact is important to know: skin could react on chemical peelings with some irritations, little pimples, and dryness. All these just show that your skin is way too sensitive and you shouldn’t use such peeling every day. After using it for some time, your skin will get used to it. I also get little pimples and dry skin the first two weeks I start using my chemical peeling. But then, the results of the product are overwhelming, as my skin gets much smoother and has a nice and healthy glow.

Bielenda Super Power Mezo Serum DBK Stylez

Face oil

In winter, I always get dry skin. My rescuer in this situation as a face oil. This product helps me to ease the feeling of tightness on my skin and nourishes it. Only some drops are needed to apply both on the face and neck. I have been using “midnight recovery concentrate” by Kiehl´s and can definitely recommend it to you. Additionally, having applied the face oil on my skin, I massage it with my favorite massage roller by the body shop. Such massage lets me relax my skin and makes it firmer.

Kiehl´s Midnight REcovery Concentrate DBK stylez

Special skin care

Using a face serum could help you to improve your specific skin problems, such as irritations, dryness, wrinkles, dullness, hyperpigmentation and so on. I started using the revitalizing night serum by Dr. Hauschka and I really like the way I look in the morning after having used it. My skin looks recovered and healthy.

Night serum Dr. Hauschka DBK Stylez

Eye care

Recently, I shared with you my experience with the eye serum by Guerlain (can be found here). I decided to include an eye serum to my skin care routine as I wanted to intensify it. I apply the serum both underneath and above my eyes and after some time I apply my favorite eye cream “nirvanesque” by Nuxe Paris. I like this product so much that I included it in the post of my favorite products of the year 2016.

Guerlain Super Aqua Eye Serum Nuxe Nirvanesque DBK STylez

Night face cream

Last but not least, I apply a night face cream. One friend of mine recommended me the face cream “YsthèAL” by Avène. The line “YsthèAL” is made for young skin between 25 and 35 years of age. I really like this product because of its light but nourishing texture, its nice smell, and the feeling of a firmer skin. This face cream like my eye cream can be found at the chemist´s. Surprisingly for me, I decide more and more frequently for pharmacy care products.

AveneYsthéAL DBK Stylez

Face masks

This is an additional, but still, very important skin care step. Though I possess many different face masks, there are two of them I use regularly and repurchase them over and over again. Once a week I use my favorite detox mask “Himalayan charcoal” by the body shop for a deep cleansing of my skin. Once or twice a week I also use the “Cell Renew Snail Sleeping Mask” by Missha as it revitalizes the skin during the night in a special way. I just love how my skin looks in the morning.

Face masks MIssha cell renewing snail sleeping mask and the body shop himalayan charcoal DBK stylez


This is how my evening skincare routine looks like. I try to take care of my skin the best way I can as I work for my future. Though there are many steps, I do it all with pleasure as I want to prolong the beauty and health of my skin. Don´t forget to cleanse your face the right way, in case you also like using make-up. Because even the best face cream of the world won´t help you if your pores are clogged and the rests of your daily make-up are still on the skin.


How does your daily evening skin care look like? Do you also pay as much attention to the make-up cleansing as I do?

Best regards,



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  1. 30. May 2018 / 5:55

    Wow! thanks for sharing your beauty regimen. It is true, our evening skin care should be done as religiously as our day skin care. It is important to keep our face hydrated even when we are just sleeping. In my case, my evening ritual consists of cleansing, toning and applying serum before I go to dreamland. I had fun reading your blog.

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