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Looking for good, effective, and suitable skincare products is a neverending story because we all want to keep young and soft skin as long as possible. I personally have a great chance to test many different brands and products so that I can find those which suit me best. Though, sometimes it´s not so simple to find the best ones among the whole bunch of them. That´s why I´m happy to get to know the German skincare brand Annemarie Boerlind. They have so many products which suit my skin just perfectly. There are numerous of them dealing with every skin type and skin problems. I discovered amazing products for my dry and sensitive skin. Some of them became my favorites ones. In today´s review, I want to share with you my top-five of them.

Eye patches “hyaluronic acid”

The undereye area reveals immediately when your nights were too short, or you enjoyed a glass of wine or two in the evening. I have some sleep issues so that I´ve got to struggle against puffiness in the morning. Eye patches help me a lot when the problem should be solved quickly. I fell in love with these patches because they really make a difference and after having them on my undereye area for 15 minutes lets me feel great again. Botanical hyaluronic acid hydrates the skin and makes fine lines less visible. There are six pairs of patches which are separately packed. This makes them a perfect product to take with on every trip.

Face mask “Vitamin C DUO Mask”

What do you do when your skin feels tired and looks dull? My solution is a good vitamin mask which will give me all the needed energy and radiance back. Vitamin C is known for its power not only to hydrate but also to energize the skin. This face mask consists of two different parts which are mixed together while applying them on the skin. Such ingredients as acai, goji, and sea buckthorn berries stimulate the restoration of cells and the vitamin C protects the skin and makes it look evenly.  This face mask is my must-have, especially now, when the days get shorter and my skin feels less energized and tired.

Intensive concentrate “SOS Sensitive”

I´ve been pretty much on tour for a while and all the jet-setting doesn´t let my skin feel well. After every flight, my skin feels extremely tight and dehydrated. This feeling remains for several days. To prevent it, I always take a good hydrating overnight mask and use it after each flight. Now I also have a second product helping me feel much better on the road and after it, it´s the SOS sensitive by Annemarie Boerlind. This concentrate is made for extremely dry and sensitive skin which suffers from stress, dehydration, and environmental pollution. This product is my life-saver when my skin starts feeling as tight as hell. Additionally, I love its cute packaging made in the form of an injection. I use it as the first step in my skincare routine and my skin feels much better.

Enzyme peeling

Speaking of peelings, I´ve got to say that I can´t use any other types of peelings anymore. My skin is too sensitive so that all mechanical and chemical peelings cause irritations, redness, and tightness on it. Luckily, I found a nice dermatologist who recommended me trying enzyme peelings from time to time. Especially during fall and winter, such treatments are the best for the skin. When I found the enzyme peeling by Annemarie Boerlind, I got very interested and I ordered it at once. This is a powder which has to be mixed with water and applied on the skin for a couple of minutes. The results are amazing. The skin becomes so smooth and all dead skin cells are removed easily. The enzyme peeling doesn’t irritate the skin and you can control the process yourself. If any weird feelings occur, you can immediately wash your face. The enzyme peelings are the best way to cleanse the skin in case it´s sensitive and dry like my own.

Anti-Pigment & Brightening Fluid “Natu Perfect”

All my life I´ve been struggling against my freckles. I gave up getting rid of them completely long ago. All I want is making my skin evenly and lower the level of pigmentation. Though there are numerous peelings which help with this issue. There are also special serums which also neutralize the intense pigmentation. The natu perfect serum is one of such. Such ingredients as detoxophane and wild lilies extract make the appearance evenly and neutralize pigmentation. The serum also helps to create a protective barrier against pollution and negative environmental effects for the skin. Its light texture makes it perfect to apply underneath your day or night cream. The serum is absolutely natural and dermatologically tested even for sensitive skin.




*  Die Produkte wurden mir vom der Marke Annemarie Börlind nach meiner Wahl zur Verfügung gestellt. Alle Meinungen sind dennoch meine eigenen und wurden auf keine Weise beinflußt.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

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