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I love eye makeup and tried probably hundreds of eyeshadow palettes from different brands, both expensive and budget ones. Still, I noticed that there are some palettes I use on a regular base which are my so-called go-to products. In today´s post, I want to share with you my favorite eyeshadow palettes which are my guarantee of a good makeup day.

Chocolate Bar by Too Faced

Currently, the American brand Too Faced can be found in Germany. German Sephora finally opened its stores in several cities and German Douglas also put Too faced to its regular range. But some time ago, the moment I wanted to try their products, it wasn´t that easy. That is why I needed to order this eyeshadow palette by Sephora in the US. It was a little adventure by itself and I had high expectations concerning this product. Long story short, I fell in love with this palette the moment I tried it for the first time. All colors are so beautiful and can be used in so many different ways, both for a natural-looking daily makeup and a deep evening one. They are so smooth and make an even and great pigmented layer on the lid without giving any fallout. I just barely touch any color with a makeup brush and the pigment is there. Last but not least, the palette smells like milk chocolate which improves my mood the second I open it. More about the eyeshadow palette you can find here.



 Naked Smokey Palette by Urban Decay

This eyeshadow palette is my latest catch and it already got one of my favorites. Eventually, there is no need to give a detailed review about the whole best-seller eyeshadow palette line “Naked” by Urban Decay. All four palettes are amazing and well-known among beauty junkies in the whole world. Why did I choose the “smokey” one? Well, to me, an eyeshadow palette should have many different colors, both light and natural-looking, and deep and intensive ones. I hate taking too many makeup products with me while traveling and such a palette is my personal life savior. The first two “naked” palettes do also have amazing shades, but they mostly are daily ones. This palette, on the contrary, has very beautiful light colors, such as beige, golden, light cocoa, and others, and deep colors like the absolute black in it. Additionally, it contains a very practical double-ended eye makeup brush which is pretty good. Brushes included in most beauty products are the main shortcoming of these products. This one is an exception.



Androgyny by Jeffree Star Cosmetics

This is one of the most unusual eyeshadow palettes I have. Actually, I prefer natural-looking makeup, but I fell in love with this unconventional one. Though the colors in it are very unusual and sophisticated, there are plenty of ways to use it and create amazing creative makeups. All colors are unique and barely found in other palettes and give every eye makeup a special touch. The brightest colors are perfect for making an accent on the eye. This eyeshadow palette is my must-have. A detailed review with all swatches can also be found on my blog here.


Shade & Light Palette by Kat von D

This eyeshadow palette is by far the most universal one. It contains warm, cold, and neutral colors and some of them can be used for contouring as well. The quality of the product is amazing. All colors look gorgeous on the lids and you don´t need much product to make it look intense. With this palette, I can do almost every eye makeup. In case I want a color accent on my lids, I only need one extra color. All other ones, like white, beige, brown, black, and many more, are there. As much as I love this palette, I need to mention one important point. I wouldn´t recommend it to makeup noobs because it´s just way too pigmented. To create great makeups with it, you need to know how to work with such kind of a product.





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