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Probably every one of us is unsatisfied with her hair from time to time. I´m not an exception. My hair needs to be paid much attention to keep it healthy and shiny. There are some types of hair which don´t need way too much for it. I belong to the category of people with fine hair. That´s why I´m constantly looking for better hydrating and nourishing products and gentle bleaching for my hair. One and a half years ago I decided for a new and trendy bleaching technique called balayage because it was supposed to create a stylish color shift and to be gentler to hair than the normal bleaching. Well, it was too good to be true, but we all want to believe in innovations.



Too expensive, too long – is it worth it?

It´s not a secret that bleaching in the balayage technique needs numerous hours to be done because there are different stages to go through. Such bleaching for a long hair would cost about 300€ which is not a bargain. If you had thought this kind of bleaching was gentle to your hair, after the procedure of a strong bleaching to prepare the hair for the second step you would be skeptical. All steps of the balayage bleaching had taken 6 hours and I felt exhausted after that. I was very satisfied two weeks long but then the results turned to be different.


My sad story

I don´t want to go into a detail because everything that matters is the result. At first, I went several times to a hairstylist who ruined my hair during my last visit. Though I´m not a specialist, I asked her whether everything was ok because I felt somehow weird after the treatment. She just said that she knew what she was doing. After that, I got burned hair, color stains where smooth color shift should have been and yellowish touch on my hairline. Every time I got bleached I used Olaplex and it didn´t prevent my hair from getting dry. I could literally feel how dry and rough it got. After that, I started searing for a balayage specialist who would adjust my hair situation. In July this year, I finally had my appointment which made my stained hair beautiful again. Nonetheless, my hair was so ruined that I got my hair visibly shortened. Actually, even now I have them shortened to get rid of all dead ends because the whole length was seriously damaged due to that unprofessional bleaching. As you see, my wish to have a healthier hair and not to bleach it every four to six weeks (as it´s usually being just blonde) turned out to produce damaged hair with split ends.




Making the balayage look good is a hard job

It sounds very attractive to refresh the balayage once in six months, but the reality looks different. Depending on how dark your natural color is, you need to get the roots colored. Additionally, the upper hair is toned, not colored in order to create a smooth color shift. With time this color goes off your hair and leaves an ugly yellowish/orange shade which should be toned every four to six weeks which results in a never-ending story.

My friends think that I overreact and don´t think my hair would look that terrible. The thing is that I do pretty much to let them look well. Such products like a silver shampoo to neutralize the yellowish shade from my hair and intensive hydrating and nourishing hair masks are applied after every hair wash.


I´m wearing: pullover by H&M / skirt by Lavish Alice / sneakers by Converse / bag by Furla / sunnies by H&M /


It´s so easy to get a balayage bleaching, but it´s very complicated to get rid of it

Now I want to become blonde again. Unfortunately, it´s not that easy. One friend of mine has the same issue and is trying to get blonde again. Well, you need twice as much money and time to make it happen. The condition of the hair is still an issue. At the moment, I´m letting my natural color grow a little bit and thinking about what I should do next.

Well, my story proves that not every trend which looks stunning on Instagram does in real life. By the way, even that beautiful pictures are made to professionally advertise hairstylists and their services. Almost every model has a lion´s mane to die for. In fact, many of them wear clip extensions to make us envious. One is always wiser in hindsight. My personal advice to all girls who love their long hair and want it to remain healthy and shiny: stay away from hair experiments.



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