Navy blue vibes!


I should say I was definitely against the purchase of a hat with a wide rim this season. Don’t get me wrong, I love hats and hats with a wide rim are still in, but… Nonetheless, I got one as a gift and yes, I am really happy about it. I just love the color of it. Navy blue is soo deep, calming but elegant at the same time. I have so many clothes in this color and I don’t get enough of it. As you can see my coat is also navy blue and my purse also, oh my god. Well, obviously I am a huge fan not only of the black but also of the navy blue. Should I visit a doc?!

I´m wearing:

Coat by Zara

Hat by H&M

Purse by Vera Pelle

Boots by S. Oliver

Pullover with a turtleneck Calliope

Jeans by Calvin Klein

Silver statement ring by Le Monde


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