Never underestimate a coat!


I am a huge fan of coats and I buy 2 or 3 of them every year. Though the weather in Germany is not 100% suitable for cozy coats, I wear them a lot because nothing else looks so stylish, trendy, and chic at the same time. Depending on how you style a coat and what coat cut you choose, you get a completely different outfit.

A cozy coat paired with a plaid dress and white pointed ankle-boots

This coat is a unique piece. It has something special in its optic so that everyone wants to touch it. Indeed, it´s super warm and cuddly. It is very voluminous, so I decided to style it with an A-line dress in the midi length. To not look like a big ball, you should pay attention to the pieces you wear under your oversized coat. I prefer sticking to slim forms. The dress is amazing for this purpose and the trendy plaid print adds some extra structure to the outfit. By the way, the dress is very versatile and can be transformed in so many different styles. I also posted a rock´n´roll version of it on my blog (here). This one is on the contrary, very feminine and soft. For the additional accent in this outfit, I chose white pointed ankle-boots which made it look much cheeky. White shoes are still very trendy and can pep every outfit, so in case you still don´t have any, you should probably change it now.

Another great trick wearing coats is keeping them open. Sure, when it´s too cold, fashion and style are one of the last things to think about, but in all other cases, an open coat can change the game totally. First of all, it shows your outfit underneath even while being outside. Secondly, it creates additional layers to your outfits which always looks great. In one of my future posts, I will show you my little coat collection, what my favorites are and how I prefer styling them on a regular basis. So, stay tuned to be the first to know all my secrets.

I´m wearing: coat by Na-Kd / dress by Zara / ankle-boots by Zara

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