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I have to admit that I am a huge fan of luxury brands. In particular, I like high-end makeup. My favorite lip products are mostly made by Dior. Dior has such a great variety of colors and the quality of its lipsticks is gorgeous. Recently, the luxury label launched a new line “Lacquer Sticks” which is supposed to give an intensive long-lasting color and to hydrate the lips at the same time. Additionally, it´s the first lacquer lip product in a firm form. Of course, I became very interested in these new products. All colors from this line are beautiful, but I decided for one of the most intensive colors, „black coffee“ and an interesting nude color in the shade “underground”. Additionally, as I have dry lips, I purchased a new product by Dior, the lip sugar scrub. This product is supposed to peel off all the dry skin and hydrates the lips within seconds. I tested all products and now I´m ready to give my review on them. Are the lacquer sticks so comfortable to wear? Are they so great as they are supposed to be?

Lip Sugar Scrub, sweet exfoliating balm

The product has a traditional design of packaging for Dior, but it´s pale rose. The scrub has a nice sweet smell and a rough surface with sugar grains on it. It is very easy and smooth to apply on the lips. The sugar grains exfoliate the lips softly and melt within seconds. Additionally, the product is a tinted lip balm, so it creates a nice, naturally glossy look. It can be used as the first step before the application of a lipstick or as a nice tinted gloss, which could be perfect for a day makeup.


Dior Addict Lacquer Sticks

First I purchased the darker shade “black coffee” but two days later I decided for the shade “underground” as well. Both shades are gorgeous and I use them almost every day. I have to admit that I didn´t expect that these products would be so high pigmented, intensive and still, so easy to apply. These full-coverage lacquer lipsticks deliver high shine and intense color with just one swipe. They are also very comfortable to wear as they don´t dry out my lips. Both shades last pretty long on my lips even if I drink a cup of coffee or eat a salad. Though the color goes off a little bit, still, there is enough color on my lips and I don´t need to apply another coat of the lipstick.


As for the shades, I decided for, both of them look great. These two are the most popular shades in the line. The “black coffee” shade is a dark shade which is very stylish, even fashion-like. The “underground” shade is a nude shade with some berry tone. It looks very naturally but makes your lips even better than they really are. I get many compliments concerning my lips while wearing it.


The new lacquer sticks and the lip sugar scrub by Dior are my personal highlights of the month. Though I didn’t expect that the effect of the sugar scrub would be as good as it was announced, it really works. My lips are dry ad chapped all year long. I´ve tried so many products, but this product is a game changer. My lips are now smooth and hydrated. Even such shades as “black coffee” are no problem anymore.

The lacquer sticks proved that such full-coverage products can be comfortable to wear and give an intensive color with one swipe. Additionally, the formula is hydrating, so there is no problem to wear them if you have dry lips. The color stays super shiny and intense for hours.




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Did you try the new products by Dior?

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