New Year´s resolutions

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Hi, my lovelies!

I hope you have had a nice Christmas time with your family. Now we are standing at the end of the year and count days till the new-year’s eve. Unfortunately, the year 2016 was full of tragic moments and horrible occurrences almost everywhere in the world.  I hope that the year 2017 will bring us more happy and positive moments. Let us leave all problems and negative emotions in 2016 and just move on.

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I am sure that many of us make a new year´s resolution list. I am not an exception and I love writing down all the things I want to improve or start next year. At the end of each year I look through all the things I wrote down to see what I succeeded in and what points remain on my list. In this post, I want to write down some important points for me. Maybe some of them will be interesting or useful for you as well.

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Learn or improve foreign languages

Unfortunately, my knowledge of French and Spanish is not the same as it used to be. Actually, I planned to practice them every day at least 20 minutes each, but it hadn´t been so easy. I could make excuses and say that I was a very busy person, which would be true. But I also have to admit that sometimes I just didn´t have enough energy or just didn´t feel like practicing foreign languages. Next year I want to be more hardworking and practice at least four times a week.

Work out

I am a huge sports lover and I really like to feel my muscles working. This year I couldn´t do sports regularly because of some infections, a cold, and a surgical procedure. All these made me slow down for a while. Next year I want to work out more regularly and be much more active.

More reading

Once I read somewhere that one should read at least 10 books a year. I read only 8 books and definitely won´t be able to read two more before the end of this year. I could put a gloss on it as two of them had been extremely thick. But the fact is, I could have read more. Next year I will read at least 10 books even if they will be of “the Lord of the rings” size.

Visit Iceland and Portugal

Next year I want to travel more in general. Iceland has been my dream travel destination for years. 2017 I decided to go there at last. Additionally, in the summer of 2017 we are going to Portugal for the first time. I´m really excited about it.

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These are some of my new-year´s resolutions for next year. Of course, I also have many other plans concerning my blog, my private life and much more. My life motto is: it is never too late to begin something new. We don´t need to wait till the New Year´s eve to do so. But 31st of December has a more symbolic meaning which could help starting your life over. As the saying goes, New Year – new hope – new life.

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I´m wearing:

Dress by Elis, similar here

Sandals by Mango, similar here

Bracelet DIY

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Happy new year! Next year is going to be a good one.

Best regards,


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