Nordic Skin Peel by Skyn Iceland – review

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I didn´t post reviews of makeup and skincare products for a while. The reason for this beauty lack is the needed time in order to test a product and see whether it gives you the results it is supposed to or not. It´s not enough to apply a skin care product once or twice. In today´s post, I want to share with you my experience with the famous “Nordic Skin Peel” by Skyn Iceland. Is it possible to get a better skin with it? How does it work and is it worth the purchase? Let´s find out.

What is „Nordic Skin Peel“?

The Icelandic brand Skyn Iceland is well-known in Europe and can also be purchased in Germany. Unfortunately, to get their bestsellers, you should be very patient because they´re constantly sold out (at least in Germany). I needed to register for the notification when this peeling would be in stock three times. Actually, I guess that you can better use their official website to buy the products. All in one it would be much faster than waiting for a reseller to have it back in stock.


Generally, this peeling works the same way every chemical peeling does. The best time to use such peelings is late fall and winter because the sun is not so active than in summer and spring. Nonetheless, keep in mind to apply a sunscreen (at least SPF 30) in the morning as your skin could react sensitively and it could cause sun damages.

The “Nordic Skin Peel” consists of an alpha-beta complex which helps to remove dead skin cells and furthers skin cell regeneration. Especially if you have a stressed skin, irritations or imperfections on your skin, this product will become your best friend.


Depending on what type of skin you have, Skyn Iceland recommends applying the chemical peeling either every evening or 2-3 times a week. I have a normal to dry skin, but in winter it gets very sensitive. That is why I use the peeling 3 times a week and this works great without any irritations or redness. Such a method of application also lets my skin recover between the applications.

The application is very simple and convenient. There are 60 pads in the package, one pad is enough for one application on the whole face. Everything you need to do is stroke your skin with a pad avoiding the eye area. Do not rub the pad on your skin, just stroke very gentle. After that wait with the application of other skincare products about 30 minutes.

As I have a sensitive skin many chemical peelings are too aggressive for me to use. This product is very gentle but still, very effective. I like that it doesn´t burn my skin or causes redness and irritations. On the contrary, it gives you a nice, cooling effect while applying.


What results can you achieve with the „Nordic Skin Peel“?

I´m totally in love with this product. It´s very gentle to the skin. It makes it look beautiful, even, makes pigmentation and freckles less visible and minimizes pores. Of course, to achieve such results you need to use the product regularly and more than once. I love how my skin feels and looks like after having used it. The chemical peeling also lets little pimples disappear overnight which I tested myself. I would recommend it both for a young and mature skin. I´m sure that everyone will notice the difference.


Though the “Nordic Skin Peeling” is not a budget skincare product (it costs about 27 EUR) I would repurchase it over and over again. The price is not that bad because there are 60 pads in the package which you will have for a long time. The great results are definitely worth it.


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  1. 23. December 2017 / 17:12

    I really want to try this brand, I used a simular product from Malin Goetz! Pads for chemical peeling are so convenient to use, it´s been a must have of my beauty routine for a while. Thanks for sharing this review!
    Happy Holidays!
    Anna /

    • Daria
      3. January 2018 / 14:25

      That´s great I could help you, dear Anna! I love using this peeling. I couldn´t even imagine to use it with my sensitive skin, but it works great.

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