OLAPLEX haircare system – review

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Actually I wanted to have my hair died and cut. But this time my hairstylist prepared for me something new. #OLAPEX haircare system which was created in the USA and is brand-new in Germany. In the beauty salon I regularly go to, I was the first one to try out this treatment.

What is OLAPLEX? This haircare system is based on a special and unique active substance. This active substance repairs damaged hair for a long time. It reconnects broken disulfide sulfur bonds in the hair. This is a salvation for all girls who have their hair colored or dyed. Especially died hair gets its strength, brilliance and bright color back.

The OLAPLEX treatment consists of three steps. The treatment lasts at least 1 hour, so you better plan it accordingly. The first two steps are taken in a beauty salon and the third one can be purchased separately and applied on the hair at home.

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What the OLAPLEX treatment looks like? The first step (Bond Multiplier) is mixed into the color or the dye. This should prevent hair from damaging and create a brighter color. The second step (Bond Perfector) is applied after washing out the color or the dye on the whole hair length for ca. 40 minutes. The third step (Hair Perfector) is applied once a week on the hair length for the prevention of further hair damages.


I have to say that I´m really satisfied with the OLAPLEX treatment. My hair wasn’t in a good condition after a long and cold winter. After having tried this treatment I could definitely see and feel the difference. My hair has its shine back and it also feels thicker. The OLAPLEX should be done every 5-7 weeks in order to keep up the results. I will repeat the OLAPEX treatment for sure as the quality of my hair is important for me.

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