One outfit – two looks: how details can change an outfit

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Hi, beauties! One of the biggest fashion problems for the majority of people is making their usual outfits look in a different and new way. Often, wen find a style combination we fell in love with and start wearing it non-stop until everybody can´t stand it anymore us including. But what should we do if we have a piece or the whole ensemble to die for and don´t want to look the same every single day? The answer is easy because everything starts and ends with accessories. Details are the key to the success of every outfit. That´s why they shouldn´t be looked at as something insignificant. In fact, they can elevate even a basic outfit. The same outfit can look completely different simply because of the different details attached. You don´t have to style a new style combination every day if you know how to use accessories to make your best styles look different. In today´s post, I styled one outfit which looks in a completely different way just because of different shoes. The same outfit changed its character from sporty to elegant in the blink of an eye. Let´s see it in detail!

It´s all about details

I´m pretty sure about one thing. An outfit without any details or accessories is simply a bunch of clothes. It doesn´t even matter, whether you prefer to experiment with your style or stick to basic neutrals, love for details will go a long way. This is how such a simple combination like a white t-shirt and jeans can be elevated to a cool and “here she comes” outfit. So, don´t underestimate the power of accessories because they are everything for every outfit. Never try to save on the quality of the bags, jewelry, shoes, and Co.

Additionally, bags, shoes, and jewelry affect all your outfits and make them look suitable for a specific time and occasion. Depending on them, the same outfit can be both a daily outfit to go a coffee with some friends and the outfit for going-out which will change your life. Experimenting with details you can make your favorites look completely new and different without being boring even if you wear them almost every day.

I´m wearing: trench coat by H&M / shirt by Zara / jeans by Envii / bag by Zara / sneakers by Na-Kd / sling-backs by Essentiel Antwerp /

Sporty or elegant: it´s up to you

In today´s outfit I wanted to use basic staples to make it work for almost every life occasion like meeting up with friends in the city or having a casual Friday in the office. A white shirt is a great piece to have because it always looks chic and still casual and relaxed. I decided for an oversized version because such shirts look cooler and are on trend. Additionally, oversized pieces are so comfy to wear, but be informed that in case you try them on, it won´t be the way back. You´ll fall for the comfort and coolness of such pieces. I paired the shirt with high-waisted mom-jeans to give it a little retro-touch which is another trend of the season. An oversized trench coat is all about classic elegancy and comfort in every fall outfit. It is also a proved way to get some additional layers to the outfit.

Shop the look:

The outfit turned out to be quite neutral speaking of the colors and the fit. That´s why we need some catchy details to complete it in a way to keep the casual and still elegant touch. A neutral down bag looks very unusual and calls for fall coziness. Shoes are the point to make the one outfit looking completely different. Depending on what style you want get, it can be a casual-sports or an elegant casual-chic one. To get that sporty touch, I decided for chunk sneakers in nude colors which gave me a nice, modern, and cheeky look. Deciding for statement sling-backs on the contrary, make the outfit look more elegant. Still, suede, pearls and gems on the shoes add some severe street-style-vibes and create a trendy and exciting combo.

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What style combination do you prefer the most? a sporty or an elegant one?








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