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Sometimes I have a feeling that everything goes absolutely wrong. The worst thing is the fact that it happens way too often, and it has nothing to do with bad karma or bad luck. Numerous institutions we regularly pay can´t make their own work correctly. Actually, I don´t use my blog to complain about incompetent or just too stupid people. Though this time I´m so frustrated that I don´t see any other option. Sorry about that.



They want your money, but you won´t get the service you expect to get

Internet service providers in Germany are one of the worst in whole Europe. Nowhere else you will find so many problems, technical disruptions, and inconveniences than here. Why is it so easy to get a fast and qualitative internet in Bangkok? Why is it normal to get the internet connection on the next day after the application in Russia? In Germany, you always need to wait. When we moved to a new apartment some years ago, we needed to wait for a whole month before we could get our internet connection. Well, in case you also need internet for your work, you´d probably feel the same frustration as we did. Still, the story is not about this problem. The newest technical problem Unitymedia (our internet provider faced) can´t be solved even now.



Last Thursday we noted that we don´t have an internet connection. After checking out the situation we found out that numerous people already complained about the breakdown of the TV, landline phone, and internet connections. Client service didn’t even pay some attention to all these people and their complaints. Unfortunately for me, on that day I needed my internet badly. Two weeks ago, I registered for an online seminar which should have been taken place on that evil day. Additionally, I needed to finish the draft version of my next blog post. Well, on the second day nothing changed. Today, there is the 4th day of this strange breakdown and I still don´t have my damn internet connection. Interestingly, the whole NRW region is supposed to be affected. How is it possible and why doesn´t Unitymedia do anything? At least, they could make a recalculation of the payments or something, instead, they punctually sent the bill for the next month. Are you serious?


The worse the weather the brighter the colors

To the end of the post, lets get more positive and talk about my today´s outfit. In one of my latest blog posts, I mentioned that the color therapy is a great way to save yourself from depression. I personally follow this rule because it really helps me to feel better on a grey and cold day. The coat in my today´s outfit is the best example of it. When I saw this orange coat in Hamburg, I fell in love with it and couldn´t leave the store without it. I paired the coat with a baby-blue blouse and relaxed mom jeans. The jeans and kitten-heel pumps create a nice retro touch to the look. My current favorite accessory, little round bag makes every outfit special and unique and suit just perfectly my orange coat´ outfit.



I´m wearing: coat by H&M /blouse by Elis / jeans by Bershka / pumps by Zara / bag by Zara / rings by Sunlight /



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