Organize your professional and private life + Biker boots outfit

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Nowadays it is so difficult to have enough time for everything or just organize all the to-dos properly. For every blogger out there, it´s extremely complicated to plan the time right in order to be able to write qualitative posts, take beautiful pictures, attend meetings, do cooperations and from time to time have a little bit of private life. Of course, not only bloggers are up to their ears with work and engagements. We all are stressed both in our private and work life.

I found out rather quick that I needed a systematical and clear plan of how and when I should do this or that. In case you like me, this post could be interesting for you. I tried to write down all the useful points that help me in my planning.



  • My personal must-have is a journal or a bullet journal. I have both variations, a routine journal for my work and my bullet journal for a more creative and private stuff, such as blog post ideas or ideas for my YouTube channel. For me it´s more relevant to separate the work and my private life as my bullet journal is quite colorful and funny and it wouldn’t be appropriate to open it somewhere during a meeting.
  • A notebook or a PC has become an important part of our lives. I used to underestimate the calendar function of Windows Outlook but now I am a huge fan of it. I write down every important meeting, birthday and vacation. Outlook gives me the possibility to have all the important things in one place. No e-mail can be forgotten as I set a reminder on it and mark the urgent ones with a red flag. There is also a simple way to synchronize your smartphone with Outlook. That means, everything that I wrote on my smartphone will automatically be copied into the Outlook calendar. Additionally, it´s very important to create the right mood to write posts or just be in the flow. I prefer to decorate my desk with such things as candles, little figures and so on. The way how my notebook looks has also a great meaning. That is why I put on different skins on it. Recently I found Case App, a website with so many styles for notebook and tablet skins and beautiful cell phone covers. I decided for a pinky skin for my notebook and a new cover for my iPhone in the same design. But there is much more, as you can create your own design for every gadget you have. For me it´s just perfect, as I regularly work outside and need something that will protect my stuff against scratches.



  • I write down my daily business on colorful stickers which I stick on the edge of my notebook or just on my desk. Additionally, I distinguish three different business categories. The most urgent tasks of the day are marked in red. The things that I should do but could be postponed until the next day, are marked in blue. The third category are the things that should be done in the future, but in case of some free time and desire, I could look through them.
  • The last point, which helps me to organize my life and have all business done is to work in advance. I try to write my posts or produce videos for my YouTube Channel in advance. Of course, sometimes I also have to accomplish something important the night before I actually publish it. But still, work in advance gives me an opportunity to go on vacation or just relax in case of a cold and keep it all rolling.



Here again some bullet points to sum up the above for you. Maybe you can use these to optimize your workflow:

  • Stickers
  • Bullet Journal
  • Day Journal
  • Outlook calendar
  • Synchronization of your smartphone with the Outlook calendar
  • Reminder

FYI: Case app kindly gave me the chance to support my readers with a 20% discount for the skins and covers. If you like to create something personal for you or your friends just visit their website and use the code „DBKSTYLEZ20“.


I´m wearing:

Shirt by Zara

Faux leather pants by Blue Rags

Boots by Deichmann

Bag by Massimo Dutti (here)

Necklace by Zara

What helps you to organize your life and your business the right way? How do you manage it? Please, let me know in the comment section.





Best regards,


The post is the result of the cooperation with Case app.

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    • Daria
      28. October 2016 / 12:20

      Thank you so so much!!!! It means so much to me!!!!

    • Daria
      28. October 2016 / 12:20

      Thank you so much, Mariann!!!!

  1. 28. October 2016 / 8:52

    Love your sparkly cover. I also have covers for my ipad mini for when I travel and blog. Case App has some great products.


  2. Graf
    12. December 2019 / 19:46

    Alpha woman. I want to obey you

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