Oversized coat with cropped plaid pants and a sweatshirt


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Today´s outfit is another outfit which had been photographed in the Netherlands. Well, this little country stole my heart and remains something special for me. I would love to stay there forever. I feel so comfortable there. This is one of the numerous reasons why I need to go there many times during each year. Mostly I spend my time in Amsterdam and love this city so much. My last stay there on the New Year´s Eve brought me to the idea of making a separate blog post about this city and maybe make the people who still feel a kind skeptical about it, change their mind a little bit. Though today´s outfit had been photographed in another place called Venlo. It´s a small town in the Netherlands which is so beautiful and cute that almost every building looks like in a fairy-tale. Of course, I decided to take some pictures there for today´s outfit.




An oversized coat as a part of a classic look 

I purchased this oversized coat in the khaki color a year ago and since then have been wearing it a lot. It´s so comfortable and versatile at the same time. Pairing it with sneakers and jeans you´ll get a cute semi-sporty outfit (here). Deciding for pumps and plaid pants you´ll get a classic and elegant one. To make my choice a little bit more casual and modern, I paired it with a sweatshirt with embroidery. The embroidery made in black and green creates a nice color connection to the coat and sets the pop of color.



 Cropped plaid pants: an English Dandy style or a classic and serious one?

I would recommend every single girl to have plaid pants in her wardrobe. Such pants look very trendy and still are very versatile. Rolled up pants paired with loafers, slip-ons or even sneakers create a Dandy-like city-chic look which is not only very comfortable to wear but can also be worn to the office (depending on the dress-code). Pumps will make plaid pants look very classic and feminine through the plaid was originally a men pattern. Plaid pants are much more stylish than jeans and are never completely out. I purchased my pants a couple of years ago and I´m still regularly asked where I got them from.



I´m wearing: coat by She In / sweatshirt by Maje / pants by Elis / boots by Italian Wear




Do you like oversized coats? How do you prefer to wear them?

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  1. 22. January 2018 / 13:32

    Yes to oversized coats! You look so chic in that plaid pants. I must get a pair for myself as I have none currently. It does look classic and can be dressed up or down. Love those angel wings on your top and you look very beautiful 😀 x

    PS: I would love to know why you love being in the Netherlands in a future post perhaps! That would be so interesting to read!

    Have a gorgeous day! 🙂

    • Daria
      16. February 2018 / 9:31

      Thank you so much! Indeed, plaid pants can be styled in so many ways. I hope you liked the blog post about Amsterdam.

      Have a great day!

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