Fashion inspiration – where to find it?

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I am frequently being asked about how and where to find a fashion inspiration? In fact, it seems to me that some women have a kind of problem with creating trendy outfits which also reflect their personality and style. To be honest, even fashion gurus sometimes have such days when everything they want is wearing something comfortable and neutral. Still, where you can find a fashion inspiration in case you are not so creative or just learning how to create outfits? Here are some practical tips which will help you out.


Take a look at your wardrobe

Sometimes you don´t need to buy a ton of new pieces but inspect your wardrobe. We all have much stuff we didn´t even wear or tried wearing them just once. Another category of clothes are all the things we are used to wearing in just one way (e.g. a white classical shirt with classic black or gray pants or a pencil skirt). Pick your favorite pieces and try to style them with such pieces you would never wear in your ordinary life. Mix and match! This method will let you create new combinations and show you where your comfort zone is. Even if you don´t like some of your combinations, there is no one to see and judge you. Another advantage of the method is that you style new looks without spending money.

Pinterest and Lookbook

It may sound trivial, still, there is nothing better for a fashion inspiration than such social media platforms like Pinterest and Lookbook. In case you are interested in something special, or just one style direction, you can subscribe to one or two pinwalls that you really enjoy. So, you will be inspired every day, as thousands of fashionistas upload their styles regularly.



Shop windows and fashion catalogues of your favorite stores

In this case, you should pick some labels you like and take a look at what the mannequins are wearing. Many online stores also have a useful option “you could also like” on the bottom of the page with every article you are interested in. Many of them even offer the pieces to complete the look. Though, I wouldn´t recommend you copy the outfits you liked completely. This method can provide you a nice idea of how to style some pieces together. You don´t need to buy every trendy piece you see. You can combine some of them with the things you already have. This will give you a trendy look and show your personality.

Right matches

If you don´t have enough money to create a luxury label look, it´s not a big deal. Don´t underestimate the fact that expensive pieces can perfectly match the budget ones and make a great look. That is why you don´t need to purchase the whole new collection for each season, you just can pick some you really like and wear them with your favorite oldies, provided, they are of good quality.



Try new colors and prints

Of course, such beautiful colors as white, black or nude are elegant and timeless. Still, choosing such neutral colors can be very boring. Every season designers give us some new colors or prints that can upgrade even a simple outfit. Of course, if you don´t want to become the ultimate street-style queen, you don´t need to go extremely wild with colors and prints. Nonetheless, choosing some bright colors makes your outfits much more interesting. Sommer is a great time to experiment with them and find some you will feel comfortable in.


I´m wearing: blazer by Hugo Boss / jeans by Armani Jeans / overknees by Buffalo / bag by Vera Pelle / turtleneck by Caliope / earrings by Bijou Brigitte / belt N.A.




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Do you have some other fashion inspiration tips?

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