Plaid for fall: a classic print upgraded for this season


I love wearing dresses and skirts, that is why I´m very happy there are so many of them to find this season. There are different cuts and lengths paired with numerous trendy prints which make them a serious fall must-have. I planned for this fall to wear dresses as much as it´s possible and purchased a few new dresses to stay on my way. The interesting fact is that most of them are dresses in a midi length. Earlier, I used to think that this length wouldn’t look well on me. Things can change very quickly. In today´s post, I wanted to play a rock´n´rolla again. I decided for a plaid dress, which is extremely in this season.

Plaid is always in, but this time it really rocks the fall  

For sure, you already noticed in almost every fashion store that plaid print celebrates its comeback to the top of the hottest trends. Though this time plaid got bigger and makes much more statement. I couldn´t decide for a long time, whether I want to stick to a plaid blazer in red or this dress. After some time of a consideration, I picked up the dress in the cool khaki color. The cut and the type of plaid remind me of a traditional material of the scots. I love it about this dress. But the main reason for my huge crush on midi-length dresses is the fact that they are extremely versatile. This outfit was inspired by the kind of music I love. What can round up such a rock´n´rolla look? Of course, a biker jacket and a pair of nice combat boots. I picked up a leather jacket in a used look by Gipsy and boots by Eddie Rodriguez. These boots are an amazing statement in every outfit thanks to the numerous gems, studs, and strass. These are my personal must-have for this fall, so be sure to see them in my future outfits.

I´m wearing: dress by Zara / biker jacket by Gipsy / boots by Eddie Rodriguez



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