Power red, 70s plaid, ruffles, velvet and Co.

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The world of fashion is so excited at the moment. Very soon (in some countries already) all fashionistas will be wearing the trendiest styles and colors of the fall/winter 2017/18. The Pantone had given the colors of the season some time ago, the most interesting and beautiful trends had been presented to us by the world´s best designers. Numerous fashion bloggers had made their reviews concerning the most exciting fashion topics and given their pieces of advice about how to wear the fall trends. As for me, I didn´t manage to do the same just because in my head I had still been on my vacation on the sunny island of Mallorca (travel post coming soon). But now I´m slowly getting the fall mood and even see how my fall wardrobe should look like. Though my today´s outfit doesn´t look like it, I decided to mention some of the most interesting and beautiful fall trends in my opinion.



Power Red, velvet, ruffles, 70s plaid and Co.

This fall I feel extra excited because there are so many great trends and styles out there. I actually don´t remember the fall being so bright and colorful before. Basically, all trends we got to know and fell in love with are still in this fall. Ruffles, off or one shoulder, oversized pieces, velvet, and many other trends we all already have in our wardrobes remain the hottest ones. Additionally, bright colors, floral prints, and checks came to make the fall-blues disappear. The red color was officially named the color of the season, so, we all need at least one piece in this strong and sophisticated color. I personally always was a fan of the red and was happy to know about its breakthrough this season.



Soft forms, mom jeans, menswear blazers, 70s plaid, midi dresses Victorian collars – all these not only look very stylish but also have an undone touch to them. A trendy outfit shouldn´t look like you have spent many hours styling it. Recently, I was complaining that I didn´t see anything to my liking in fashion stores. Now I have another problem, I like so many trends that I don´t know what to choose first. As you see, such things can change so quickly. Well, there is also something I don´t personally like that much concerning the fall trends, namely the wild west trend. I remember me having and loving cowboy boots as a teenager, but now it´s something I got over. Still, I don´t mind having some fringes on my pieces. What about you?

Last but not least, the total-black-look is still in and just as cool as last year. Biker jackets won´t go anywhere as well. You can decide, whether you´ll go the classic way or purchase a piece with patches, embroidery, and jams. Though I really like bright colors, still, the black is my absolute go-to color. I´m so excited to wear my favorite leather pieces very soon.


The sea is the best shooting location

For this simple outfit, I chose one of the prettiest locations ever. A stony coast of the Mediterranean Sea on Mallorca. I paired embroidered denim hot pants with an embroidery top by Zara. Such tops are very versatile as you can wear them both in summer and in fall, depending on what I put on underneath. This summer I discovered fur slides which absolutely changed my concept of shoes. I fell in love with these comfy flats, though some months ago I hadn´t even believed that I would wear them. I stepped out of my comfort zone with them which is always good. It´s definitely a good thing to try something new, whether in fashion or in life general. The world is huge and interesting. Take a step and try to live without limits.


I´m wearing: blouse by Zara (hier) / hot pants by Super Dry / fur slides by Office / sunnies by Miu Miu / earrings by H&M




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What fall trends 2017 did you find the most inspiring?

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