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In today´s blog post I decided to answer some questions I constantly receive from my readers and followers. I didn´t want to make a kind of interview and picked up three most popular questions to answer them. So, if you´re interested in what DBK Stylez means, why I don´t cooperate with hair-dressers and why I don´t have a constant photographer for my blog, let´s get started.


What does DBK Stylez mean?

Well, the answer to the question is very simple. DBK are my initials. The D stands for my first name Daria. The B is my maiden name and the K is my last name I changed after getting married. As you can see, it´s not as complicated as it seems.

Why don´t I cooperate with hair-stylists?

First of all, I´m not against such cooperations. Nonetheless, I need to be sure the person I´m giving a positive review of, deserves it. I won´t undertake to make a review or a blog post about the person I don´t actually know and never saw his or her work in action. Every product I´ve tried and made a review of is a product I tested on myself and know what you can expect when buying it. Before I recommend a hair-stylist, I need to be sure this person makes a great job. So, I need to test him or her myself without any obligation.



My hair is very important to me and I know how difficult it is, to find a good hair stylist. Especially, when you have your hair dyed in such a complicated technique like balayage. Unfortunately, I had some bad experiences with so-called “specialists” who ruined my hair and my mood. Two months ago, I even had to get my hair 20cm cut. On Instagram, I am regularly contacted by numerous hairstylists who get in touch with bloggers to get a good review for a cut. But how can I recommend and positively review a hair stylist, I have never met before and whose work I can’t evaluate. First, I have to test the person myself if he or she is doing a good job. As long as this has not happened I will definitely not recommend someone to my readers and followers. In case you see one post about a hair stylist on my blog you can be sure, he is DBK approved.😉



Why am I not working with just one photographer?

As I worked with many different photographers even abroad, I know what I want and what kind of pictures I expect. Don’t want to be rude but when it comes to creative work, Germany makes it difficult to find a pro to help you out. Concerning photography, I had to learn that it’s not easy to find a good photographer who could help me realize my ideas. Three years ago, I was searching for a wedding photographer and I planned to spend a nice sum on it. The main thing was perfect pictures. And as I like experiments and interesting ideas, I didn’t want to do an experiment here. I wanted to have pictures that I would also love to look at in 20 years without having a bad feeling and the impression that I should have chosen another photographer.

I invested weeks into the search. I even searched the ads you can find at the registry office but all I found was bad or very bad. One of the photographer’s “work” still gives me nightmares because on one of his pictures the bride was sitting in a forest … on the ground … looking like she didn’t make it home to the toilet and her groom was standing behind a tree, stalking her … sick stuff IMHO. Another picture showed a bride lying next to a fountain while her groom was sitting next to her, taking a deep look at what happened UNDER her skirt … wtf? People want to be paid for creepy work like that… luckily not by me.



Finally, I found a fantastic photographer who was not from Germany and by the way was the winner of several wedding photographer contests in France and Italy. Each of his pictures could have come directly straight out of a fashion magazine. I fell in love with his work and booked him without hesitating.
Well, I have to say, I am not against German photographers and I am sure there are many good ones around but I didn’t have the time to find one for me and still it is difficult to find someone who matches me in character and taste. I had a great photographer here some time ago, some of the pictures we took, you can find here. Unfortunately, she moved to Munich which made a cooperation impossible. Summing it up I hope I will find a good and reliable photographer in the near future, whom I haven’t found until today.



I´m wearing: Carmen top by Zara / mom jeans by Bershka / fur slides by Office / bag by Furla /



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The question to the bloggers out there: do you have a permanent photographer for your blog? 

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