Quarantine and fashion: how our lives have changed

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Hi, beauties! For a few weeks now we have all been living quite a different life than we used to. Everything changed. On the one hand, since we’ve been sitting at home, we had to rethink what we do and how we do it. On the other hand, it was and still is very difficult to mentally come to terms with the fact that normal life will no longer be what we would like it to be. In the fashion sector, too, everything drastically changed. It has never been seen before that fashion shows are canceled, and all stores are closed. Well, there is a completely new reality we´ve been living in. Our consumption and shopping habits have also changed rapidly.

Good or bad? – that’s up to you

Sure, the situation is incredibly bad for smaller fashion brands, but even though they are most affected by this issue, they quickly understood that the Internet is the only possible future to stay in business. It´s something new, but the customers are able to shop their favorite items and the brands are able to sell their goods. As for food, I´ll speak from my perspective. I live in a big city and there was not a single day that I couldn’t find and buy anything (except toilet paper ). So, everything is there and it´s enough for everyone. You shouldn’t over-dramatize the situation and panic. It won’t do any good if you stuff the whole pantry full of canned food. A clear mind, serenity and positive thinking, however, do. So, this uncomfortable situation can be viewed differently, and it´s up to us how we see it.

Is the shopping more conscious now?

Trying to get different points of view concerning this issue, I asked and talked to very different people on social media. For some, the last few weeks have been a time of savings because they didn´t buy any fashion or beauty items. The others, on the other hand, regularly ordered something online to get a little motivated and hide from the current reality for a bit. Honestly, I can fully understand both sides. I didn’t buy anything at first, but then I made some online purchases. I won´t lie, I bought both the items I really need and the items to cheer myself up for a bit. Nonetheless, I can say that many of us got a different approach to shopping. You really have to think carefully before you press the “purchase” button while shopping online. With such big changes, fashion and trends are seen differently. It’s more about your own style than a blind buying of trendy pieces. This situation teaches us to see our life, money, and views in a deeper way.

I´m wearing: cardigan by Esprit / top by Asos / pants by Na-Kd / pumps by Maje / bag by Louis Vuitton / sunnies by Burberry /



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