Real talk: envy, competition and arrogance among women


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How often do we complain about mens´ inappropriate behavior towards us, women? Of course, some men do misbehave and allow themselves too much. Still, today, I don´t want to blame them how bad they are but concentrate on women. We pay much attention to how men act and what they say to us, but there is much more arrogance, jealousy, and mischievousness among women. One thing is clear, men wouldn´t act like that towards other men, especially their friends. They wouldn´t gossip and look down on somebody. Why do we as women do these things so often?

Competition, jealousy, and envy instead of politeness and friendship

For sure, every one of you has already experienced the following situation, you come in and gals you don´t even know to check you from head to toe with a note of arrogance. It´s obvious that such girls wouldn’t even try to have a small-talk with you. Actually, there are many women who act like this at every event. Men, to the contrary, love talking with new persons and establish contacts. Even speaking of friendship among men, they wouldn´t do certain things just because friends don´t act like that. Unfortunately, often women do, especially when they feel drawn to the same object or a man. In that case, even best friends might become enemies. Such a negative atmosphere, competition, envy, and bad vibes are often to find on different events. To me, it´s so weird and uncomfortable. I just don´t understand how adult women can act like this. Why can´t we be friendly to each other? Why can´t we support each other instead of being rude and mean?

Women want to be seen as persons with equal rights and have a need to show men that we can do things as good as they do or even better. So, do women act so mean towards each other? A woman always examines another woman. Many feel jealous of the beauty, success or a happy family life. When a woman is beautiful, women would blame her for having beauty jobs done. When a woman is successful, they would say that it´s all because of her lover. When a woman has a happy life with her partner and family, they would find a reason why she doesn´t deserve it. Even the prettiest ones get an examination under a microscope in the hope to find any imperfections which of course, exist. One thing is obvious, such mean things are mostly done by other women and not by men.

The so-called “girl power” is so trendy at the moment. But frankly, what power do we actually have when we barely can stand each other. I´m for kindness and support among women. It´s such a pity that many of us see competitors in other women instead of friends. Stop judging each other and speaking evil about successes of other women. Let´s finally be that “girl power” starting with ourselves.

Back to the Future Outfit – made in Berlin

Today´s outfit consists of basics with two eye-catching pieces. The combination is very simple, but it always looks well. The mom jeans I put on, are my absolute favorite piece at the moment. They fit absolutely perfect. I add a plain white t-shirt to keep it simple and to not distract attention from the main pieces of the look. One of them is the leather jacket in used look which goes amazing with such retro jeans. The second piece is an incredibly gorgeous scarf by Gucci I purchased recently. The pointed pumps add an additional retro touch to the outfit and make it elegant. We shot this outfit in Berlin and I felt so comfortable wearing this 70´s inspired look. The city has kind of a charm retro touch to it.

I´m wearing: jacket by Jipsy / t-shirt by Asos / jeans by Envii / pumps by Zara / scarf by Gucci / sunnies by Miu Miu



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