Resist super antioxidant concentrate serum by Paula´s choice – review


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Today’s blog post is all about anti-age skincare. I want to share with you my impression and information about the “resist super antioxidant concentrate serum” serum by Paula’s choice. I personally had been skeptical for a long time about the miracles of such creams and serums until I tried one with retinol by Vichy. After having used it for a while I discovered that such skin care products work or at least some of them. Unfortunately, the product by Vichy was discontinued and cannot be found anywhere. That’s why I decided to test this face serum.

What is it supposed to do?

The serum contains antioxidants and promises to firm skin and make fine lines less visible. The ingredients are supposed to actively work on the upper skin layers that is why it should be used evenings. Additionally, a sub screen should be used in the morning. The great thing about this product is the fact that it can be used on the eye area as well. Though there is dimethicone as one of the main ingredients in the serum which provides a false feeling of smoothness, I decided to try it because I hoped to get at least some results.


Application, consistency, first impressions  

The product is translucent and barely smells. Still, it has a sticky and weird texture which makes your skin look and feel greasy. It is also absorbed very slowly so that you barely can use any other skincare product after it. Additionally, comparing it to the retinol serum by Vichy, there are no visible results. I didn’t even feel like my fine lines changed in any way.


Unfortunately, the face serum by Paula’s choice turned out to be my personal regret. The texture of the product and the results it provided me with are unsatisfying. There are absolutely no results that are why there is no need to buy this product. Even after several months of usage, it’s a huge fail.




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