Retro driven jacket – the fashion piece of 2020

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Hi, beauties! The retro feeling is more present right now in the fashion world. The proverb “the new is the forgotten old” is completely true for the retro trend, because the pieces inspired by the seventies and eighties are to find by every brand, both inexpensive or luxury ones. The mom and slouchy jeans are indispensable. Of course, because they optically make a nice butt and make legs look much longer. This season retro driven jackets are also in. As a huge leather jacket fan, I immediately fell in love with the trend and one particular piece. This biker jacket turned into one of those major highlights in my wardrobe. The nice thing is that you can make this piece a part of hundreds of amazing and stylish outfits super easily.  So, the 80s driven leather jacket is what you need this season.

To all leather jacket lovers out there: 80s vibes are the part of this season

I love biker jackets and I have a small collection of them. Of course, you can wear your old favorite piece and feel great and beautiful. But if you want to look top stylish this season, you need a jacket inspired by the 80s. But what does it actually look like? The cut should be loose and voluminous, the shoulder line should be a few centimeters lower than the natural shoulder line. If the jacket resembles a bomber jacket, it’s all the better. Of course, you can always buy an ordinary leather jacket one or two sizes larger, but for me personally it would be too boring and way too easy. I found my jacket at Stradivarius. It was such a good price that I still find it incredible to have made such a great looking catch paying so little cash. I prefer to wear it zipped up because this way you can see the cut better and the retro vibe is super vibrant too.

I´m wearing: jacket by Stradivarius / dress by Na-Kd / boots by Buffalo / necklace by Swarovski

A piece that makes every casual look an eye-catcher

A jacket like that doesn’t need much to look great. It can be a classic combination of a simple t-shirt and jeans, which looks much cooler and more casual through such a jacket. If you prefer it more elegant, this kind of jacket is perfect to be combined with a dress. This style break looks very stylish and takes the toughness of leather away (if you are unsure about this). I love to wear biker jackets with floral dresses in a midi length. Today I chose a medium length dress with big flowers. To make the dress rock, I added our star of the day, the 80s jacket. It is important to close the zipper and the belt on the jacket (if your jacket has a belt). You can even close it as tight as possible. This trick creates an additional visual contrast and makes the jacket look even more voluminous at the top. Heels fit perfectly. Whether tight sock boots or heeled boots, that’s all up to you but the heels make such an outfit even more elegant and stylish. I love this combination and you?


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