Rouge allure gloss by Chanel – review

Chanel lipglos 16

I think I said it for a couple of times but I have to repeat it once again. I love make-up by Chanel. That is why I decided to purchase lip glosses by this French brand. I chose two of them in the shades 16 and 18. Both of them are bright and appealing colors.

Chanel lipglos 18

First of all I love the way all new Chanel lip products are opening. Instead of turning the cap one just should press with a finger the upper side of the lip gloss or lipstick. As for me, this is the most convenient way to put some color on the lips on the go.

Chanel lipglos numbers

Both lip glosses are gorgeous. They are good for the spring or the summer as the colors are bright and vibrant. The texture of these lip glosses is very light and not tacky.


 These lip glosses by Chanel are worth their money as they have gorgeous shades and are nice to wear. I would recommend them for the summer as they will give you a nice, bright color and a light texture.

Chanel Lipglos swatches

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