Satin Hair 7 by Braun – review

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Philips Ion rush

I have a light, fine hair which gets static very often. This can be a problem, especially in the winter time. There are many factors which can worse the frizz. These are cold air outside, dry and warm air inside and synthetic jackets and coats. I think that there are many girls who have this problem too. I tried so many different methods in order to prevent my hair form the frizz or at least to minimize it. Unfortunately, they didn’t work for me.

Recently I discovered an ionic brush by Braun in one electronics´ shop. It is not a brand new product but I just didn’t believe in such wonder brushes earlier. But that time I had to purchase it as I didn’t know how to solve my problem otherwise.

#Satin hair 7 by Braun is available in two different versions. The first one, which I got, is for light and medium hair. It combines plastic bristles with natural ones. The plastic bristles distribute the ions all over the hair. The second version of the brush is made for thick hair and has just plastic bristles. The price of the brush is ca. 40 EUR which is pretty much but it was my last hope.

The ionic brush is very easy to use. You should slide on the switch in order to turn on the iontec function. After ca. 40 seconds the brush is ready as it has released enough of ions. The only thing to do is just to brush the hair slowly and that´s it. It´s important to switch the brush off after having used it as it works with batteries.

Philips Ion rush 1


I have to say that the satin hair 7 by Braun works miracles. Even my husband noticed the difference. Of course, the effect won´t last the whole day. But you will definitively see how nice your hair is after having used this brush. Additionally, the brush pad can be removed and cleaned, which is very practical and hygienic. I can recommend this brush to all girls who has static in their hair. For me it was worth it!

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