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Somehow, I still cannot realize that the year 2017 is almost over. With every new year, I feel like time flies by more and more quickly. The closer the end of the year comes, the less there is the chance to make numerous resolutions we made in the beginning of the year come true. Though I belong to the kind of people who work on such resolutions every year, I am pretty sure that there is no human being in the world who is able to fulfill every single resolution made. I am not an exception. So, I wanted to refresh my French skills this year and I failed. My trip to Iceland is still in planning. Well, there were some problems beyond my power and I hope to fly to Iceland in the beginning of next year. So why do I actually believe in making new year´s resolutions? It´s easy. To me, it´s a great power and a kind of self-discipline to try to become better in some things which are important for me. This year I want my resolutions to be private so that only I know about most of them. Some points are remaining the same as they had been last year. Others are totally new but still, important to me and my life.



Is it possible to have a great and a bad year at the same time?

Frankly, I am happy this year is coming to its end. I never felt anything like this before, but the year was frustrating and depressing, though there had been so many great occasions at the same time. To be more precise, sometimes I felt very insecure about myself and my life. Still, as I mentioned, I also enjoyed so many things and occasions in fashion, beauty, and music life which will forever be in my heart.



Look positive towards 2018

I am definitely not an over-optimistic person. Still, somehow, I feel like next year is going to be much better, happier, and more successful than 2017. That is why I am impatiently waiting for 2018 to arrive. I have so many plans and ideas. Some great travel destinations are also on the list. There are many new things concerning my blog. I hope to be able to bring it to another level, so, we´ll see. When I started my blog, I didn´t hope to find so many loyal readers and friends. I want to thank you all for being so nice and feeling me not to be alone with my points of view in different situations. It means a lot to me! I´m also thankful to those who see some things differently. It´s great you share it with me.



Trendy oversized sweaters pimped with overknees

In today´s outfit, there are numerous pieces which are very trendy at the moment. Actually, my outfit proves that the stereotype of wearing only one trendy piece in the outfit which will make it a good one totally failed. I paired a cozy oversized sweater with a summer dress by Ralph Lauren underneath. The combination of different materials and similar colors makes a great match. Black suede overknees look more elegant and much softer than the ones made of normal leather. I would recommend choosing heeled overknees, at least when you want to wear them with a similar long oversized sweater like I do. Such sweaters tend to make your upper body look longer and your legs way shorter. I think nobody wants it. Heeled overknees balance the proportions and because of their length make your legs look endlessly long. Little bags in geometrical forms are also trendy this season. I found my little round bag at Zara and love how cute and extravagant it is. To me, such “seasonal” bags shouldn´t cost a fortune (at least if you´re not a millionaire). Just imagine you would buy such a cute but very unusual bag for much money and next season the trend would be over. For fashionistas with an average salary, it would be a disaster. So, if you want an it-bag, it´s better to choose something classical. Such a timeless classic piece will be your loyal and stylish friend for many years.



I´m wearing: sweater by Zara / dress by Denim & Supply von Ralph Lauren / overknees by Buffalo / bag by Zara /


I wish you a splendid start into the new year,


How was your 2017? What were the best events and occasions of the year? What didn´t you like about 2017?

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  1. 1. January 2018 / 20:35

    Your outfit is really cool! Happy New Year! 🙂 xx

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